Amethyst Austrian Crystal

Amethyst Austrian Crystal

The ancient art of crystal healing is safe and easy. It uses the gentle, transformative qualities of crystals and gemstones to treat the body holistically, focusing on the individual as a whole, rather than on physical symptoms alone. Crystal healing works on the electromagnetic field around the body, known as the aura. Crystal healing aims to restore wholeness, balance and health to the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

By bringing balance back to the individual, optimum conditions are created for the body and mind to heal. There may be neck,shoulder or back pain issues that need to be resolved.

During treatment, the crystal and therapist act as a channel for healing and balancing energy to be directed to the client. Crystals are powerful tools, and when used with sensitivity and intuition, are beneficial in relieving physical and mental stress, balancing, healing, protecting, encouraging a positive attitude to life and restoring harmony in the environment.

A crystal’s geometric shape and molecular structure determines its frequency of vibration and as such different crystals interact and resonate in sympathy with the organs or parts of the body that share the same frequency. Using a crystal on a related part of the body (back pain) will promote healing in that area. For example, amber can be used to calm the nervous system, fluorite can be used to strengthen teeth and bones, whilst amethyst can be used to strengthen the immune system.

It is important to keep your crystals regularly cleansed so they maintain their true vibration and remain charged. They will also need to be cleaned when you first get them. They will tend to pick up the vibration of the surrounding area and people, as well as emotional and painful vibrations when used for healing so they need to have these cleansed out.

Austrian crystals are man made crystals which enhance the spectrum when light shines through them. The simplest way to charge your medicine crystals before use is to lay them in the spot where the sunlight from the Austrian crystal hits the floor. This will fill the crystal with energy and “charge” it for use. You can then have your patient lay down on their back and, with the help of a charka and crystal chart, lay the appropriate crystal on the appropriate position on the patient’s body, and Meditating through the procedure and soft chanting of affirmations help the healing process along.

But clearing and cleansing aren’t the only maintenance a crystal requires. Just as a cell phone needs to be recharged after its energy has been drained, advocates of crystal healing teach that crystals must go through a recharging process. Some recharging methods include placing a crystal in a pyramid-shaped container for a few hours or directing a laser light into the crystal for several minutes.

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Amethyst Austrian Crystal
Amethyst Austrian Crystal
Amethyst Austrian Crystal

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