Amethyst Diamond Ring

Amethyst Diamond Ring

Amethyst rings are one of the oldest and most highly prolific pieces of jewelry in the history of the world. From Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians to modern Christian clergy to everyday men and women everywhere, this gemstone is highly sought after because it’s relatively inexpensive and has captivating, deep violet hues. Yet many people let their amethyst rings fall into a sorry state because they fail to take the right preventative actions to keep the gem and the band material looking great. A little knowledge and a little effort go a long way into retaining their brilliance and their aesthetic appeal.

Preventative Care

The best way to keep your amethyst ring looking great is to make sure that it doesn’t take any damage in the first place. Keeping the ring clean and tidy at all times is somewhat obvious, but there are others things which are less so.

The amethyst gem is strongly susceptible to temperature variations. This means that you need to make sure that your ring isn’t introduced to any very hot or cold areas for any significant period of time. Remove your amethyst ring before entering the hot tub or sticking your hand into ice water. Temperature extremes can actually change the color of the gemstone, changing the whole look and feel of the ring.

Keeping your amethyst ring away from harmful chemical mediums is necessary to keep its look. This means removing the ring before using any cleaning supplies at home. Also keep in mind that amethyst is softer than other precious gems like diamond. This means that it will scratch under less pressure than you may initially imagine. Removing harsh physical and chemical interactions from the ring is also undoubtedly good for the band material as well.

Maintaining Excellence

You should also make sure to do occasional maintenance to your amethyst ring. The specific maintenance for the band material will depend on whether you have gold, silver, or platinum. For the amethyst itself, a wash with lukewarm water does the trick nearly every time. If stains are more persistent, take the ring to a jeweler for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath. Consult your local professional if these conventional measures don’t seem to be working.

Beautiful For A Lifetime

Amethyst rings may not be the most expensive items in the world of jewelry, but they’re precious nevertheless. Make sure you take good care of your to ensure that it always looks as good as it does on the day you acquire it.

Thomas Brownstein is a jewelry enthusiast who enjoys writing reviews and articles on the amethyst ring He finds that the beauty and elegance of amethyst rings is something which cannot be overstated.

Amethyst Diamond Ring
Amethyst Diamond Ring
Amethyst Diamond Ring

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