Anniversary Engagement Diamond

Anniversary Engagement Diamond

There are long standing traditions as to what anniversary gifts go hand in hand with the number of years married. Paper for a first anniversary, wood for a fifth, and diamond jewelry for celebrating ten years of life together. While adhering to tradition is sweet and sentimental, we live in a much more modern society, and diamond jewelry is appropriate for any anniversary you might be celebrating.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or so the saying goes, and you’d be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t be swept off her feet when presented with a gorgeous diamond necklace presented in a navy blue, satin lined box. Diamond jewelry is classy and timeless, and works as a thoughtful and beautiful gift for any anniversary.

There are diamond jewelry options to fit everyone’s budget and relationship, and with a little help, finding the perfect necklace, ring or pendant can be as simple as the first walk in the park you took together as a couple. If you’re celebrating a year of marriage together, a lovely diamond bracelet to compliment her engagement and wedding band could be affordable as well as amorous. When raising your champagne glasses to toast to your fifth year of matrimony, you might surprise her with a set of diamond earrings. And as you continue to grow old together and your years together solidify your bond and commitment, a diamond necklace can be an exquisite way of showing her (and the rest of the world!) what she means to you.

Diamond jewelry doesn’t have to be confined to romantic relationships. A mother is a special person in everyone’s life: she raised you, taught you right from wrong and provided you with unconditional love and encouragement. On an anniversary with your mother (perhaps Mother’s Day, or your birthday, the day she became a mother), a diamond necklace would be a wonderful way to thank her for all she has given to you over the years. Grandmothers often play key roles in children’s lives, and there are few grandmothers who don’t love bragging about the accomplishments and sweet deeds of their beloved grandchildren. If she were to receive diamond jewelry celebrating the anniversary of her marriage to your grandfather, or perhaps the acknowledging the first time she helped you with your homework, there would be no end to the stories she could tell her friends.

What makes a diamond so special? When one thinks of a diamond, words like stunning, pure, sparkling, and rare come to mind. A diamond’s origin is from the very core of the Earth, and it takes millions of years to create them through volcanic activity. Each precious stone is unique in its own right, but a diamond holds true to the saying “diamond in the rough.” When diamonds were first discovered, the Romans thought them to be splinters from falling starts, while Greeks assumed they were sparkling tears of the gods. A diamond became a universal symbol for love in the 15th century, when Archduke Maximillian gave a diamond ring to his beloved. Centuries later, diamond jewelry remains one of the most symbolic and desired representations of adoration.

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances known to man, ensuring that jewelry crafted with diamonds will last a lifetime, and more. Like snowflakes, no two diamonds are the same, and you can rest easy knowing that your diamond necklace is wholly unique from that of another woman’s. Diamonds, because they are produced by the earth’s natural resources and difficult to cultivate, are rare, so giving diamond jewelry as a gift stands out above more generic gifts. No matter which type of diamond jewelry you choose to honor an anniversary, it is something that can be appreciated and pertain to any type of love in your life.

Leigh Maher is a content writer who writes and researches about gorgeous and extraordinary Celtic jewelry, as well as Irish culture and history.
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Anniversary Engagement Diamond
Anniversary Engagement Diamond
Anniversary Engagement Diamond

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