Antique Cut Diamond

Antique Cut Diamond
I want to buy this great Antique Gold Rose cut Diamond necklace but…?

Link to item :

But i want to know a bit more about what this stuff it?.. The Enamel in the Back.. And what kind of cutting Rose cut is?.. I know diamonds are big and stuff but i want to know more about it…

ANyone to help?. Thanks in advance

ohk…..that’s an Indian antique……

rose cut diamond:

am not sure about the enamel in the back though.the idea is like brilliant,but am not sure how the maker put the diamonds AND enamel painted in the back,but i do notice that the diamonds are flat,so that would be possible.the enamel looks good.

the necklace looks AWESOME looks pretty sure u must have checked the seller’s history(selling history) before buying it.but the selling is from Delhi,so i guess it would be safe.

Antique Cut Diamond
Antique Cut Diamond
Antique Cut Diamond

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