Antique Round Diamond

Antique Round Diamond
Antique Diamond Ring 2 carat?


I am looking at purchasing a diamond ring that is quite old.
2.05 carat
I1 clarity
I colour
Round diamond.
I am unsure of the metal its either white gold or platinum.
It is fairly cheap (£1500 -£2000), and definitely in our pricerange as it is an antique. I know that I1 is frowned upon but if it looks okay does it matter? The cut I am assuming is not so good as its so old and the new diamonds are better cut.
I am just wanting to hear everyone’s opinion.


Unfortunately included diamonds diamonds are not worth all that much. The colour is not so good either. However if it is a solitaire then the diamond is HUGE.
As a solitaire that is a good price simply because it is hard to get stones that big, but the quality is crap. As a multiple stone ring it is expensive.
Are the inclusions black and visible? that would be one thing to deter me. But if you love it and it looks good to you then go ahead and buy it.

Antique Round Diamond
Antique Round Diamond
Antique Round Diamond

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