Apple Green Diamond

Apple Green Diamond
What jewellery and what colour shoes go with pale green bridesmaid dresses?

I am a bridesmaid at a Spring wedding and we are trying to decide on the colour of our shoes and jewellery.

The dresses are pale green – probably what you would call peridot, celadon, apple or lime green. The dresses are long (so shoes will be hidden) and strapless (so lots of neck region exposed). The flowers will be pale pink.

We are trying to decide between silver or gold jewellery. We decided against anything with pearls but are thinking of diamonds/diamantes.

Also tied into that is whether to have gold or silver shoes (either way they will be strappy and probably with diamantes on them).

I think it’s a no-brainer and that we should go with silver but another bridesmaid doesn’t agree with me (and she works as a shoe buyer for an expensive department store so her word carries some weight).

Any thoughts?

I had long celadon dresses for my bridesmaids too – and said the same thing you did at first – no pearls! However, especially because my wedding was outside, the sheen from the dresses really created a pearl-like effect. This is what I ended up doing: – i’ll let you browse for yourself. It’s on the more expensive side, but they’ll work out a deal for you if you want jewelry for all your bridesmaids.

Anyway, a pictures worth a thousand words, so here is what the “finished product” of my bridesmaids looked like:

As you can see, they’re holding “albino” peacock feathers (it’s amazing what you can find on ebay) and as you can’t see, I told them to wear any kind of open-toed shoe they wanted, as long as it was silver, clear, or some combination thereof.

Here’s a close up view of the jewelry, still hard to see in this pic but best I have at hand:

As you may or may not be able to tell it was just a simple strand of pearls and celadon-colored beads. My Maid of Honor though had a flower centerpiece hanging from her necklace. They all had flower stud earrings too.

Hope that helps, nothing beats being able to get a “picture” in your head of what it’s all gonna look like! Good luck!

Apple Green Diamond
Apple Green Diamond
Apple Green Diamond

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