Arc Clear Crystal

Arc Clear Crystal

If you want to cut down on your business gas utility bills, you need to get things pretty clear from your business gas supplier. There are many businesses which end up paying exorbitant rates for gas, electricity since they do not have the time to research for cheaper methods. The ideal solution is to make gas prices cheaper.

The questions which you need to ask the business gas supplier are:

1. Charge per unit of gas:

This is a very important aspect. Check whether the charges would be fixed or whether they would be standing charges. When it comes to paying electricity charges, they are based on capacity charges and KVA consumption. Clarifying things in the beginning would be best so as to avoid any confusion and doubts in the future. Once things are crystal clear, you also know what to expect from the bill and you would definitely not be in for a shocking bill.

2. Whether the amount paid for energy is altered during the contract period?

Clarify with the company whether they would intimate you above any changes or alterations in the contract. Check if the charges are going to be fixed, then what would be the tenure and if they are going to be charged variably, then which components would undergo variation? It is imperative that the company gives you necessary intimations and notices when they make any changes to the clauses of the contract. It is the duty of the Business gas supplier to inform you accordingly, so that you are not in for a surprise.

3. What if you wish to continue with the company or terminate the contract?

The company has to make it abundantly clear regarding the steps which would be taken if the contract ends or if the contract is terminated. What are the other steps which need to be implemented if the contract is terminated or not renewed?

4. Time period of the contract

The contract duration plays a very important role. Will the company intimate you about the end of the contract date? What are the other formalities if the contract ends prior to the due date? These are some of the questions which need to be addressed by the supplier.

5. What should you do when you want to disconnect the energy supply and go in for another fresh connection from a new energy supplier?

You need to get clarified under what all circumstances can you switch to a new energy supplier.

Once you have established enough clarity on all this, it would be easier for you to deal with the business gas supplier.

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Arc Clear Crystal
Arc Clear Crystal
Arc Clear Crystal

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