Asscher Diamond Antique

Asscher Diamond Antique

For those who may be new to diamond shopping, some may think that diamonds are available in a few different shapes and sizes but that is about it. Diamonds are a unique gemstone for many reasons but especially due to the fact that they come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles. There have been a good number of years in which the diamond could progress from a simple round stone to one with many wonderful attributes and charming characteristics. One type of diamond which is quite popular due to its unique characteristics is the Asscher cut diamond. If one may be interested in a gemstone of this type, it is important to review the attributes thereof and determine the things which make this specific style of gem so special.

What Is an Asscher Cut Diamond and When Was It First Introduced?

The Asscher cut diamond is a unique style of diamond named after the man who invented this type of stone, Joseph Asscher. It was back in 1902 when Mr. Asscher developed a diamond which was comprised of 72 facets and fashioned into a square shape. Although it is a square cut diamond, the wide parallel step facets and deep corners make all who view it believe it to be likened with that of an octagon. The cut of the diamond is of such a nature as to really make it sparkle when worn by an individual.

Why Is the Asscher Cut Popular Today?

This type of diamond cut was very popular around its inception time and tapered off as the years progressed when other diamond cuts began to appear. However, in recent years, more and more individuals are looking to acquire an Asscher cut diamond. This is especially true with engagement ring shoppers who want to find that perfect gemstone for the love of their life. Its reemerging popularity exists for a few different reasons.

First, individuals are finding that Asscher cut diamonds are ones which present a unique brilliance and fire rarely seen with other cuts of stones. The way in which it is cut brings out a shine and sparkle like few others. It catches the eye of the shopper and makes them stop to take a second glance. The dazzling characteristics surrounding the stone itself is a major reason why engagement ring shoppers specifically and jewelry shoppers in general feast their eyes upon the likes of the Asscher cut diamond.

Secondly, Asscher cut diamonds are regaining their popularity due to the interest in having a diamond which has an antique feel about it. As this cut of diamond emerged in the early 1900′s and was popular in the olden days, more women are choosing this type of stone as their diamond of choice as they want a taste of the past. Although the Asscher cut diamond style has seen changes in the recent years from its original gemstone counterpart, it still reflects the image which Joseph Asscher had in mind when he created this lovely gemstone back in 1902.

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Asscher Diamond Antique
Asscher Diamond Antique
Asscher Diamond Antique

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