Asscher Diamond Bridal

Asscher Diamond Bridal

What happens when two brothers get along and go into business together? For the Asscher family the result is the long and honored tradition of an Asscher cut diamond ring.

The Asscher brothers were in the gem cutting business and knew there was a market for a new style of ring. This was at the turn of the last century, so in 1902 they decided to cut their first stone of their design. This was made possible because in part by Joseph Asscher at this time was known as “the greatest cleaver of the day” when it came to splitting diamonds.

The time of the creation of this cut was at the beginning of the industrial revolution and the electric light. This unique design has many characteristics not seen before. There design was a square cut diamond with rounded corners that contained 58 facets. To help capture more light and reflect it like no other the brothers also cut parallel lines below the crown. This has the same effect as a hall of mirrors. The bouncing of the light through this diamond ring makes it sparkle like no other.

The largest diamond to have the Asscher cut is one of the Cullinan diamonds. This was done to such perfection that it became part of the crown jewels of England. Since this time the Asscher diamond cut has been slightly modified. Because of the increase in diamond cutting technology 16 more facets have been added to the Asscher cut diamonds. This has made an Asscher cut diamond ring set forth a greater blaze of fire than before.

When looking to make a purchase of diamond ring, make sure it is authentic. There are copies out there on the market but a true Asscher cut diamond ring has the family signature on the diamond itself. The diamond dealer should also have the certificate that every asscher cut diamond ring is issued with at the time of its creation.

Let’s face facts — buying a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases that you will ever make. It will set the tone for your marriage, and may be more meaningful to you than the purchase of your first home.

Not only that, but buying an engagement ring is a big investment. Simply put, you want the best value for your money and you need to deal with someone that you can trust.

Fortunately, there are excellent reputable sources to buy discount engagement rings that will let you stun her with an heirloom quality diamond at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be tricked into paying for fancy diamond showrooms in expensive malls staffed by pompous sales people selling overpriced jewelery. Visit today and learn the real secret to getting more ring for your money.

Asscher Diamond Bridal
Asscher Diamond Bridal
Asscher Diamond Bridal

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