Austria Crystal

Austria Crystal
How far is swarovski factory in wattens, austria from munich, germany?.?

How do you get to wattens, austia from munich,germany. What is the price to tour the swarovski factory in wattens, austria. Can you buy individual crystals at the swarovski factory?Do they have tours of the factory and what are the hours and days they are open?

95 km as the crow flies, or about 150 km by driving on the Autobahn. You could also go by train. For connections and fares look at

Opening hours 9:00 – 18:30 daily (no prices shown, maybe it’s free) BUT
“Due to extension the Crystal Worlds remain closed from 01/10/2007 to 30/11/2007 and re-open on 01/12/2007 with the winter festival.
Closed also on 01/01/2008.”

Never been there but I assume you can buy stuff there. Not sure if they produce something “individual” for you while your visit. For further information have a look at their web site.

Austria Crystal
Austria Crystal
Austria Crystal

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