Austrian Crystal Butterfly

Austrian Crystal Butterfly

Victorian fashion reflects this relation of the England with the world and incoming influence in the Victorian style, gaining experience from the diversity of sources. Victorian bridal necklaces mix a classical, elegance with characteristic playful and romantic buoyancy – drawing out feminine charm and grace.

Victorian bridal necklaces include many Austrian crystal designs in red, white and blue colours. These appealing and attractive styles draw attention with their sparkling brilliance. These gorgeous styles also include the “chandelier style” denoting the classical glamour and elegance associated with the Victorian age. Brass-plated and silver-plated engravings spark a traditional memory of times past.

Victorian designs also use numerous exquisite filigree techniques for beautiful ornamental works, which draw everyone’s attention to the lovely wife-to-be. Victorian jewelry favours large jewels in order to make a dramatic entrance for any adorned lady.

Victorian bridal necklaces celebrate femininity through lovely styles; such as the lacy necklaces, curled in floral patterns, dainty and simple. The Victorian style can be gentle with “butterfly” and “fairy” tendencies demonstrating a delicate flair. Victorian necklaces use hearts to draw out the emotional sensibilities of love or the “tear drop” style, which offers a gentle and natural touch to any bridal necklace. This style had many different expressions including a favoured position given to cameos and brooches.

The stunning Victorian bridal necklaces include the choker styles, which display elegance snuggling the neck with a tight, concentrated brilliance; through designs full of rose-colored crystal mixed with gold and silver. The simpler rhinestone version is also available.

Choose from a single, double or triple strand of pearls to accentuate the bride’s intrinsic beauty. These elegant, amazing, sparkling necklaces will add sophistication to any wedding ceremony.

Finding authentic Victorian bridal necklaces can be quite a task nowadays as there are too many replicas, imitations and copies of the Victorian style all around the Internet. And it’s only up to you or even more likely your bride to decide what she’s going wear on this important day of your life.

Austrian Crystal Butterfly
Austrian Crystal Butterfly
Austrian Crystal Butterfly

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