Austrian Crystal Dangle

Austrian Crystal Dangle

Dangling belly button rings are amazing navel jewelry, offered in a wide range of patterns. Dangles make the simple belly rings or barbells attractive. The belly rings are designed to be positioned at the navel portion of the belly. Dangles can extend the jewelry to the waist or lower. Reverse dangles and cascading patterns are mesmerizing with low-waist dresses.

Dangling belly button rings are made with different types of materials like glass, steel, sterling silver, titanium, gold, rhodium, niobium, etc. Plastic and acrylic materials are used for both pierced and non-pierced adhesive belly jewelry. Organic materials like bones and teeth are also used. Unique varieties of dangles are designed with various combinations of materials like Venetian hand-blown glass.

Polished stones with different shapes are used to embellish the dangle jewelry. The commonly used stones are diamonds, Swarovski Austrian crystals, zirconium, amethysts, rubies, pearls, corals, etc. The color options of the dangle can be made according to personal choice.

Dangling belly button rings are available in a variety of designs from simple hangings to casino and sandal. Animal collections with cats, dolphins, lizards, or gecko are very popular. Fairies, fruits, and flowers are the favorites of children. Chandeliers, drops, hearts, stars, and teddy bears are the evergreen favorites in the market. Playboy and patriotic themes, crosses and crucifixes, and motorcycle riders are the hot varieties on the market. Snakes, skulls, and erotic themes are also used for the designs.

Recent attractions like UV and glow-in-the-dark dangles are well appreciated. They are made with acrylic and other bioplasts. Personalized varieties are available with initials, names, zodiac signs, etc. Logo dangles can be customized even with photographs. Twister varieties are also common, and non-pierced dangles are gaining much attention now.

A silver reversed-snake navel ring wrapped around a crystal, a skull captive ring, a spider glitter enamel crystal dangle belly ring, spike rainbow costume jewelry, a silver windmill navel ring with crystal chain, and a zipper belly button ring are some of the unique varieties of the dangling belly rings.

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Austrian Crystal Dangle
Austrian Crystal Dangle
Austrian Crystal Dangle

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