Austrian Crystal Gold

Austrian Crystal Gold
How do i achieve a modern day grecian goddess makeup look without using gold? helpp!!?

i know, its weird- not using gold. but the dress i am wearing is a grecian style dress- and is down to the floor white silk. with silver/ austrian crystal sequins on the straps that flow down the back because the dress is also backless. my hairstyle is also grecian. if it helps any. i have blonde hair. deep brown eyes. and a fairly light skin complexion. if you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. thankss so muchh!

Use a foundation that is not matte . I am not sure of your skin type but using cream foundation tends to give a dewy look. You can also look dewy from applying moisturizer and mixing it with your fountaion using a sponge.
I like adding this product other companies make simular ones its like a bronzer
in champagne

I would try some pinks and browns for the shadow on your eyes like the pallette here called bliss but whatever brand you use will do

then lipstick in a color like glam or playful
a quick trick I learned to look like a glowing goddess is to use lipstick or cream blush.
Good luck

Austrian Crystal Gold
Austrian Crystal Gold
Austrian Crystal Gold

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