Austrian Crystal Pearl

Austrian Crystal Pearl

I invite you to explore the world of beading with me. Perhaps you want a custom piece designed or are trying to explain to someone what sort of beads or style of that special piece you are looking for and do not know the terms, or what you are trying to say. It can be very frustrating at times, and here are some helpful hints!

The beading world is no secret, but like any other craft or special trade, it has a lingo in a class by itself. The first thing that most of you should know is that beads mostly are described, ordered, and talked about in millimeters. Do you all remember math? There are a multitude of beads, and most of them start at 2mm and can proceed up to 14mm. Some places offer charts to show you the actual size of the beads in millimeters. The most popular terms you will hear are 4mm, 6mm and 8mm for Pearls and Crystals in Beading. Of course there are many sizes of beads that are much larger in millimeters, circular, rectangular, octagon, and well you get the picture.

Another important material that is used for most custom made handcrafted Bridal jewelry, is the famous Austrian crystal house, Swarovski. I am sure many of you are familiar with the Swarovski name, and through the company’s ever changing designs, out came Swarovski crystal beads, which come in an endless array of shapes and colors. The most popular Swarovski beads you will see quite often in custom designs or Bridal jewelry and accessories are the bicones. They come in many sizes that start at 3mm for the most part and end usually at 12mm or 14mm. They are shaped like a short cone on both sides, and have faceted cuts to catch the light and sparkle like no other. They come in many different colors, but the most popular are the Crystal Clear Color and the Crystal AB color. The Crystal Color in the bicone is clear, yet still catches the light beautifully, the Crystal AB color, shimmers almost with a blue reflective coating, that catches all the colors from the light, and has even more pronounced sparkle to it. There is the great mystery revealed about the two differences in the crystals termed AB and non AB.

Another type of Swarovski bead that is quite common is the Swarovski Pearl. These also come in many sizes and shapes like it’s counterpart, the bicone crystals. However, it is a type of glass that has a scratch resistant coating, and does not color bleed on your skin, with perfumes, or oils. This is an excellent material choice for many handcrafted Bridal or special occasion pieces to stand the test if time and wear. These crystals are extremely hard, and can take a lot of abuse, but are beautiful to wear. I am a big fan of Swarovski as their product is just beautiful and the sparkle that emulates when the light captures it is just stunning! Most beaders who use them will agree that they are of a superb quality to work with and create fabulous jewelry. Of course, the ever popular Mother of all pearls, freshwater pearl, which are also available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, is a fine material to work with.

Of course there are many other popular beads you will see in crafting supply shops, flea markets and from online suppliers around the world, such as Czech glass beads which are also beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes. The varieties of beading materials is staggering. One only needs to explore the possibilities!

We have barely scratched the surface with the many terms and varieties of beading materials, but I hope I have started you on a journey to discovering a new world of designing and creating beautiful jewelry and accessories with endless choices for whatever your special occasion!

Bio: Cheri Kadivnik has been a Bridal Jewelry and Accessory designer for over 10 years. Her creations have been featured at many national Bridal fashion shows and she currently writes helpful articles for Brides on many Wedding website guides. She currently owns and operates an online boutique at, where one may see her exquisite designs and gather expert advice on selecting the perfect jewelry set, Tiara or Headpiece for their special day.

Austrian Crystal Pearl
Austrian Crystal Pearl
Austrian Crystal Pearl

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