Black Crystal Dangle

Black Crystal Dangle

In general, track lighting is a system where a track is installed that conducts electricity and light fixtures are attached to it. Often they are mounted to ceilings or walls. However, there is a more modern variation to general track lighting and that is cable track lighting. With this type of lighting, fixtures are hung from non-insulated cables and which carry a low voltage of electricity.

The fixtures can be very simple in style or more advanced and elegant. These lighting systems have a more artful appearance and are often used especially in high ceiling or vaulted ceiling areas. In other words, these are best used when the light needs to be brought down to a lower level. The cables themselves often are practically invisible which gives the appearance that fixtures are just floating in the air.

Replace The Old System With A Modern One

Many of the newer modeled homes come with these fancy lighting systems already in place but if you live in an older home you do not have you deal with the outdated dull lighting that is currently in place. And for those of you who are still utilizing those old fashioned hanging dining fixtures that dangle with the intent of being centered over your kitchen or dining room table, it is time for those to hit the trash.

There is newer and more modern lighting available that is not only affordable but also energy efficient as well. The cable track lighting that is on the market today looks simply fabulous and is also easy to install. There are many online guides as well as the directions included in any kit that you might purchase.

How To Install

To give you an idea of what to expect when installing yourself, and there really is no reason to hire this task out, the first step is to shut off your power. This should be a common practice when you are working with any electrical pieces.

You will start by removing the old fixture and to do this there should be some screws that have to be removed and then you will disconnect the wiring which is always color coded. Now that the old fixture is down, you will have already read the directions of your cable track lighting kit and then you will attach the new wires to the fixture that is in place.

Color-Coded For Ease Of Installation

Again, remember that everything is coded so you will attach black to black, and so on. You will twist these wires together and add the protective cap. Then you will push the new fixture flush against the ceiling and reattach the screws.

Now if you have to install your cable to a wall then simply locate the stud and then mount the anchors on the wall by drilling into the wall. Secure the anchors into the wall and make sure they are well secured. Attach the lights to the wires then mount the individual lights and secure them in place.

If you decide that you do not like the way that they look when you are finished, you can always rearrange them because that definitely is one of the advantages of cable track lighting.

If you have any doubts about your ability to handle this project yourself, then of course it is best to consult your favorite electrician.

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Black Crystal Dangle
Black Crystal Dangle
Black Crystal Dangle

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