Blue Crystal Bridal

Blue Crystal Bridal

We all know that weddings can be almost as stressful as they are magical. Wouldn’t it be nice if your wedding could feel like a peaceful oasis? Color can have a profound influence on the way we feel, and it can be a wonderful tool to create the mood that you desire for your wedding. A great place to start creating your own blissful wedding is with these serene blue accents.

There are many great shades of blue, but not all of them exude a peaceful feeling. Turquoise is too bright, navy is too serious, and royal blue is just not quite right either. The most serene shade of blue is a pale blue, either in a very light and ethereal shade of sky blue or in a soft blue with just a hint of gray or lavender. This is a color that is easy on the eyes and the spirit, and is ideal when you want your wedding to feel tranquil.

A gentle pale blue is incredibly easy to use in a wedding, and it combines seamlessly with other colors. If you want to design a true spa-like oasis, keep all of the colors light and wispy. Pair your light blue with white and silver for the most relaxing environment. The wonderful thing about this color combination is that it can be used for almost any style of wedding. It can be stunning for a formal wedding when you use luxe patterns like a silver and blue damask motif. Or it can be very Zen and modern when combined with contemporary elements and accents. The choice is entirely yours.

The serene blue also combines wonderfully with lavender for a bit more depth. This is perfect for an outdoor wedding on a spring or summer afternoon. You won’t find many flowers that come in a true ice-blue shade, but there are some lovely feminine flowers that are bluish-lavender. Some of the prettiest blossoms include, classic hydrangeas, grape-like muscari, lovely delphinium, and ruffly sweetpeas. Create a bouquet combining the different bluish shades, or choose a single type of flower, and use a mixture of white and blue blooms.

An all-white bouquet can also be given a pale blue accent with ease. For a pop of blue within the flowers themselves, ask your florist to wire in ice blue pearlescent beads. Another idea is simply to finish off a classic white bouquet with a gorgeous light blue satin ribbon. Personalize it by having your initial embroidered on the tail of the ribbon.

Of course the bride will want to feel as serene as possible on her wedding day, so a touch of relaxing blue on the bridal gown would be a wonderful idea. A simple blue sash at the waist is a pretty way to introduce a colored accent into the bridal ensemble. A white gown with intricate silver and pale blue embroidery on the bodice would be heavenly for a formal wedding. And don’t forget about a special set of custom bridal jewelry incorporating your signature color. Pale blue crystals look divine when used in combination with radiant white pearls for an unforgettable set of bridal jewelry that was custom made just for you.

There are numerous other ways that a serene blue can be used in the wedding. Certainly the wedding invitations and the wedding cake would be good places. Also think about using your special hue in the table linens, for centerpiece vessels, and even the wedding favors. A sea of pale blue details will help to create a tranquil and blissful environment in which to celebrate your marriage surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

Let us know if you need assistance in any area of planning your wedding. Take advantage of Bridget’s experience helping clients select jewelry and accessories. Treat yourself to spectacular custom crystal bridal jewelry in your wedding colors.

Blue Crystal Bridal
Blue Crystal Bridal
Blue Crystal Bridal

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