Blue Crystal Metal

Blue Crystal Metal
I have yellow/light brown stains around the waterline of my inground vinyl pool.?

They are also around the waterline of the (fiberglass) steps in my pool.

I took a water sample to a local pool store to test for metals and they say there is a very small trace amount of metals in my water, so that should not be the cause of the stains.

I’ve tried scrubbing the waterline with a firm brush and tried to vacuum over the stains, but no luck.

I had to treat my pool for algae in the last two weeks, my pool was starting to turn a light clear green, but I shocked the pool and added algaecide and that took care of it and for the last few weeks the water has been crystal blue.

Any suggestions?

You should also have the pool store check for bacteria/other (black) algae and describe to them just what it looks like -try to find their most experienced person. As weather gets hotter, all kinds of pool problems can grow rapidly. There are various kinds of algae and specific products for each. My first 2 years with an in-ground concrete pool were a learning experience. Good luck!

Blue Crystal Metal
Blue Crystal Metal
Blue Crystal Metal

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