Blue Crystal Sterling

Blue Crystal Sterling

Theme #1: Irish wedding favor

Irish wedding favors is an awesome way to celebrate the luck of the Irish and the rich heritage that comes with it.

Irish wedding favors are usually associated with alcohol. What better way than to give away mini bottles of Baileys Irish Crème. This traditional Irish liqueur is also well known even with people who don’t normally drink alcohol as it can be used in many delicious dessert recipes. Mini bottles of Baileys and other alcohol favorites can easily be search on the internet for reasonable prices and bulk pricing is available from many sites.

Alternatively, you can visit websites like and These sites offers a wide range of items ranging from bells, shot glasses, spoon rests to Candle, candy, ribbons, charms, golf balls, and many other items associated with the Irish wedding theme. These sites will certainly aid in the person looking for some Irish wedding favor.

Theme #2: Hawaiian wedding theme favor

What is the first thing when a Hawaiian wedding favor theme comes to you mind? Usually, you will link to the white sandy beach, the blue crystal waters and seashells. Such items are considered the essentials for a Hawaiian wedding theme wedding. It is also important to note that color scheme do play a part too.

Hence, you need to plan for the color scheme first. As the color will be the governing factor, it is best to achieve with decorations such as table linens, napkins, candles and other accessories. These items will enable you to create an island atmosphere and a Hawaiian ambiance and feel.

Using flip-flop place card holders and placing on the tables is a great way to create an island feel. The summer accent will highlight the easygoing spirit of the islands and creating an immediate image of summer fun.

Tiny palm trees make a wonderful addition to any tabletop decor thus complementing a light-hearted place card holder. These tiny little palm trees contain a name card during the reception and once at home can be used to hold single summer photography.

Theme #3: Las Vegas Wedding theme favors

A Las Vegas wedding favor offers the combination of the feel of a traditional wedding with unusual themes. Presently, it is getting common to have unique weddings made up of at least 2 wedding themes and favors. The Las Vegas wedding favor theme will proved to be the most enticing and unique ideas. These weddings can be held anywhere part of the world, but are most memorable and unforgettable when the wedding is actually held in Las Vegas.

All of the large hotels and casinos have wedding planners and, of course, you cannot forget the little white and pink wedding chapels that dot the Vegas strip. Having a wedding in Las Vegas creates a unique theme all to itself. The wedding chapels in Vegas usually have a complete package from minister and flowers to Las Vegas wedding favors. But if you want to have your wedding in one of the large casino/hotels, you can be as creative and extravagant as you want to be.

Theme #4: Italian wedding theme favor

Italians have rich wedding traditions and choosing an Italian theme for a wedding is a great idea. The clothing, decorations, food and favors will all be stunning and tasty with the Italian theme as the basis. There are numerous Italian food caterers or the bride’s family may feel comfortable doing the Italian meal themselves. Decorations and clothing will all be simple to locate at bridal supply stores or on the internet.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about different types of wedding favors and how to choose one, please visit

You might want to take a look at and These sites offers an assortment of Italian related wedding theme favors. It includes from individual or sets of espresso cups, demitasse spoon sets to quality items like beautiful Italian crystal favors, Capodimonte favors and sterling favors. It also offers personalized biscotti, wine charms, and silver plastic candy scoops for some other alternatives. If you are feeling lavish and got some funds to spare, step into This company can cover all aspects of the wedding planning including the Italian wedding favors and assist you in making travel trips to Italy for your wedding reception.

Blue Crystal Sterling
Blue Crystal Sterling
Blue Crystal Sterling

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