Blue Diamond Earrings

Blue Diamond Earrings
How much are blue diamond earrings valued at?

I have a pair of blue diamond earrings, and I was wondering what the value of them might be. I want to possibly sell them-if they are of high enough value.

Here are the specs:

each earring is .55 cts each
set in 10k yellow gold posts
they are round brilliant cut, and they are natural and untreated- they aren’t even irradiated-like most colored diamonds are.
They are very clear, but do have a few inclusions.

I hope that is enough information to go by.

I’ll give you $5!

(ok just kidding about the $5) ;)

I’d assume that since no 2 gems are really alike, and gemologists have to consider the size & position of inclusions, degree of coloration, etc., there are way too many variables for a verbal description (or even a picture) to suffice. you can take them to a jewelry store for a free appraisal, but bear in mind they may think you want to sell to them, and may (dishonestly) undervalue your earrings. other option is to pay a professional appraiser.

check out the Blue Nile diamond guide to get a basic idea of what gemologists use to value a diamond:

hope this helps, and good luck to you! :)

Blue Diamond Earrings
Blue Diamond Earrings
Blue Diamond Earrings

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