Blue Diamond Stud

Blue Diamond Stud
What Would You Think If I Got A (small) Light Blue Diamond Stud Monroe Piercing?

It wouldnt be completely typical and it wouldnt look like a “whitehead” as someone here described their opinion on them.

Oh and the small light blue diamond stud would be in the shape of either a heart or a star.

I really want a facial piercing. I had to take my first one out because the piercer pierced it WAY too high. Luckily I took it out within three days and there is NO scarring.
I love you all. <3

I think something like this

would look so cute! I’ve thought about getting both of my traguses (tragi?) done with similar jewelry.

A lot of people in the bodymod community hate Monroes, but whatever. I think they’re adorable when small.

Blue Diamond Stud
Blue Diamond Stud
Blue Diamond Stud

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