Blue Enamel Crystal

Blue Enamel Crystal

Everyone is looking for ways to make their wedding special without spending a fortune. Instead of having to buy placecards for the tables and wedding favors, why not be creative and design placecards that can double as wedding favors. That way, you can have one really nice thing for the price of two mediocre items.

There are lots of great items that you can use for placecards and then have your guests take home as favors. One classic idea is to get little silver or gold frames and put one at the seat of each guest with their name inside. It is an instant upgrade from the basic plain tent style placecard, and your guests will love the frame. If you want to make it more customized, you can choose frames that tie in with the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you are having a Breakfast at Tiffany’s wedding, then naturally you will want frames in Tiffany blue enamel. To make them even more deluxe, line the inside border of the frame with a row of faux pearls to match the bride’s pearl bridal jewelry.

With all of the great computer software that people have at home these days, it it very easy to print up professional looking tags and labels. Use this to make your placecards/favors. For a fall or winter wedding, a great idea would be a small jar of maple syrup at each guest’s seat. Instead of the label of the maker, make your own custom stickers with the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the name of each guest to serve as a placecard. For a spring or summer wedding, you could have the same down-home type of favor by using a jar of strawberry preserves.

Christmas weddings have wonderful possibilities all their own. A fantastic idea would be to design an ornament that can also be the placecard. If you are having a small wedding, or if price is not a concern, a fantastic idea would be to have silver ornaments engraved with the name of each guest.

If custom engraving is not in the budget, there are many other fun options. If the wedding has a Winter Wonderland theme, with the bride in crystal bridal jewelry and tons of sparkle everywhere, then crystal (or glass) snowflake ornaments would make perfect favors. To use them as placecards, simply tie a holiday gift tag with the guest’s name to each one, and put it on their place setting. The beautiful snowflakes will enhance your theme, and your guests will love the ornaments.

Wedding favors need not be pricey, especially for an informal wedding. One other idea for a combination placecard and favor is to set out one beautiful, ripe pear at each guest’s place. Tie a small banner of gold paper to the stem of each pear and write the name of the guest on it in calligraphy. Simple, but elegant – not to mention tasty!

Your favors are one of the parts of the wedding that allow for the most originality. Be creative, and find a way to make your favors do double duty as placecards. Not only will it look great at your reception, but you will be able to kill two birds with one stone.

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Blue Enamel Crystal
Blue Enamel Crystal
Blue Enamel Crystal

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