Blue Topaz Crystal

Blue Topaz Crystal
Can anyone rate my new Crystal Beast Deck?

Effect Monsters

1. Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle x2
2. Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
3. Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger x3
4. Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat x3
5. Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
6. Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
7. Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
8. Dweller in the Depths
9. Magna-Slash Dragon
10. Chiron the Mage
11. Raiza the Storm Monarch
12. The Calculator
13. Sangan
14. Blue Thunder T-45
15. Cyber Valley


1. Crystal Promise x2
2. Crystal Blessing x2
3. Crystal Beacon x2
4. Crystal Abundance
5. Mystical Space Typhoon
6. Swords of Concealing Light
7. Heavy Storm
8. Premature Burial
9. Crystal Release
10. Riryoku]
11. Reasoning


1. Raigeki Break
2. Magic Cylinder
3. Dimension Wall
4. Trap Dustshoot
5. Limit Reverse
6. Radiant Mirror Force

I’ve added some new cards, I presume that it has gotten stronger.

( 7.1 out of 10 )

Blue Topaz Crystal
Blue Topaz Crystal
Blue Topaz Crystal

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