Bouquet Swarovski Crystal

Bouquet Swarovski Crystal
What coloured flowers and kind of flowers do you think would look nice with these colours?

I need bouquet ideas for me and my two bridesmaids.
My dress is ivory with swarovski crystals, strapless.
My 2 bridesmaids are Boysenberry with an Amethyst sash – heres the link to the bridesmaids dresses:

I was thinking I’d have cream/white roses in a round bouquet and having the bridesmaids holding purple tulips in a round bouquet. Im not sure how this would look so any other ideas/links etc would be great.

What if you used lavender roses? Maybe you could carry the lavender roses and your girls can carry some cream/champagne roses.
Here are a few ideas that I think would look nice:

Or maybe your girls could carry these: Lavender Roses, Purple Lisianthus and Stephanotis
Or: Mauve Mini-Callas, Cool Breeze Roses and Plum Tulips

You could always carry some simple calla lilies with roses. That is very elegant.

I hope that this gives you some ideas! Good luck!

Bouquet Swarovski Crystal
Bouquet Swarovski Crystal
Bouquet Swarovski Crystal

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