Bridal Rhinestone Sets

Bridal Rhinestone Sets
Which bridal jewelry set would you choose?

I am having the hardest time picking my bridal jewelry. I originally picked a rhinestone set that came free ( with my dress bc I spent over a certain price). I was not 100% on the set but just got it anyway. Now I am trying to find a set that I love and I am stumped. Last night I found some that I like but I am torn on what to choose! My mom says she likes them all so she was no help at all. I was wondering if I could get some of your opinions? In order to answer to your best ability I have included a picture of my gown as well. Thanks!!

My Dress–>





I think the third is the best and will work the best with your dress. It’s simple but will cast of just enough shimmer to compliment the amount of luster that your dress gives off. Gorgeous dress, btw. LOVE MAGGIE SOTTERO!

Bridal Rhinestone Sets
Bridal Rhinestone Sets
Bridal Rhinestone Sets

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