Bridal Wedding Crystal

Bridal Wedding Crystal
Does anyone know where you can get those little crystal gems for your bridal bouquet?

I saw them in a magazine before I just dont remember which one. It was in the back and it had a website. I will take anything, my wedding is a month away. If you dont know what I am talking baout they are like little crystal gems flowers that you can stick in your bouquet they’re cute I just want to find them.

I’m not sure if this is EXACTLY what you mean, but I had these in my bouquet for a little bling…ordered them from this site and was very pleased, but you need to get the ordered NOW to ensure shipping time and if there is any mess-ups you may have time to fix it! I had about 25 roses in my bouquet with greenery, hand-tied style and she used about 2.5-3 boxes in mine….hope it helps!

(spray-this is what I had….looked like sparkly filler flowers…I loved it!)

(you can also try these, its a single rhinestone per pick)

(these are heart-shaped)

also if you go here, you can see that they have pearls you can put in, as well as the rhinestone spray things in an iridescent tone, plus the heart shaped ones in red and pink colored rhinestones

Bridal Wedding Crystal
Bridal Wedding Crystal
Bridal Wedding Crystal

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