Bride Purple Crystal

Bride Purple Crystal

Autumn has a very special palette all its own. The bold and rich colors of the season make a gorgeous accent for a wedding, especially in the floral arrangements. These are some of the most magnificent fall bridal bouquets.

As summer fades into fall, the colors get deeper and richer. You also find the bright and rich pops of color that are characteristic of the blazing fall foliage. Mix it all together with a few luxurious accents, and you have the ingredients for a stunning bouquet for the bride to carry down the aisle.

Roses are a favorite wedding flower at any time of the year, and fall is no exception. One of the great things about roses is that they are available in a fantastic array of colors. Some of the prettiest shades for fall are terra cotta, bronze, deep gold, and burgundy. For a formal wedding, a classic round arrangement of deep burgundy roses would be lovely. Make it even more special by wiring in dark red Swarovski crystals to complement the crystal bridal jewelry worn by the bride. Another beautiful bridal bouquet accent is to take a simple strand of beads in a round crystal and pearl combination, and wrap it around the bouquet like a piece of jewelry for your flowers.

For a more eclectic bouquet, there are some wonderful additions to consider. Mix in sprays of real oak leaves amongst the flowers. Another idea is to add seed pods, Chinese lantern pods, and curly grapevine for texture. Hypericum berries also look wonderful amongst the roses in a fall bouquet. All of these items combine beautifully with roses in rich shades of terra cotta and bronze.

One of the most iconic flowers of fall is the mum. For a rustic fall wedding, giant rust and white mums are stunning and seasonal. They look wonderful with potted mums as the centerpieces. Celebrate the autumnal glory of mums by mixing in fall leaves, and wrap up your bouquet with a simple band of raffia.

Speaking of bouquet wraps, they can be a wonderful way to add a seasonal accent. For autumn weddings, some of the prettiest wraps are wide satin ribbons, velvet ribbons, and jacquard patterned bows. You can also think about trimming out your bridal bouquet with a border of leaves like a ruff or collar. For a formal wedding, gold painted leaves would be just fabulous.

Another great use of leaves in a fall bouquet is embossed velvet leaves. They are available at craft stores and they add a rich accent to deep fall flowers like dark purple dahlias. For the most exotic look, stick with velvet leaves in a color almost as dark as the hues of the blossoms; they do not need to be done in natural shades of leaf green.

Finally, keep in mind that there are all sorts of other flower choices for fall weddings. Pretty lisyanthus are a lovely option and come in quite a few shades. Or choose bold flowers like mini sunflowers for a perfect touch of the season in your bouquet. Many of the most wonderful fall bridal bouquets feature these rich tones that capture the essence of autumn perfectly.

Laura helps brides with their wedding plans by offering advice on selecting bridesmaids gifts,reception ideas and other aspects of planning a wedding. Crystal bridal jewelry will make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.

Bride Purple Crystal
Bride Purple Crystal
Bride Purple Crystal

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