Brilliant Diamond Stud

Brilliant Diamond Stud

Diamond earrings come in a variety of cuts or shapes to fit one’s taste and style. Each shape comes in and out of the fashion scene with the changing of seasons and creates a different look. Classic diamond shapes include a brilliant cut or a round cut, but other shapes, such as a pear or a heart, are also fashionable and popular.

The most popular shape for diamond earrings is the brilliant cut, which is categorized as a round shape. A brilliant cut permits light to shine brightly through the diamond, giving the earring radiance and a twinkle. As the most popular shape, the brilliant cut is picked most often as the shape for diamond earring presents.

Princess and emerald cuts fall under the category of square-shaped diamonds. Though both cuts are in the square family, there is a difference in the cut of the diamond that alters the shine and color of the earring. An emerald cut is a rectangular shape and gives an intense shine. The emerald cut also holds the most color so buyers should look for a clear diamond with at least a g rating for good quality. A princess cut reflects the different facets within the diamond that allows the earring to glisten vibrantly.

There are several shapes of diamond earrings that are considered fancy shapes. Marquis, pave and bevel cuts all fall under the category of fancy shapes. The exceptional cuts of fancy shapes allows for the diamond to appear bigger and more intricate. A bevel cut prevents the diamond from extending beyond its mount, as it is leveled with its base. A pave cut puts together several smaller diamonds to create the appearance of a large stone. These unique shapes give the diamond a distinct look.

A heart-shaped diamond is a cut that has become increasingly popular, especially for occasions such as a birthday or anniversary, as well as for holidays such as Valentine’s Day. A heart shape is flat along its surface with many dimensions within the stone that gives the diamond earring added shimmer. Heart-shaped diamond earrings can be a welcomed alternative to a collection of round or square cut stones. Heart shapes can usually be found at any jewelry store, especially around Christmas or Valentine’s Day. If the jeweler does not have heart-shaped diamond earrings in inventory, the earrings can usually be ordered.

Whatever shape of diamond earring is chosen, the buyer can rest assured that the earrings will remain elegant and timeless. They are, after all, diamonds earrings. Traditional, classic cuts such as round or square are seen in diamond stud earrings while the more elaborate cuts are often found on earrings that hang down.

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Brilliant Diamond Stud
Brilliant Diamond Stud
Brilliant Diamond Stud

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