Brilliant Swarovski Crystal

Brilliant Swarovski Crystal

There are so many details that need to be considered to make your wedding day an absolutely incredible experience for you, your family, and your friends. You want to try and make every moment memorable for all of your loved ones that you have invited to share in your special day. I am going to discuss how you can make the table decorations really catch their eyes from the minute they walk in the door until they glance over their shoulders to get one last look before the day is done.

Since I have been making wedding days sparkle with Swarovski crystal centerpieces, I have come up with many of the ensembles through my own creativity. I have also gotten myriads of ideas from working with the brides themselves as I make their imaginations come to life. All of the arrangements and pieces that I will speak of in this article are only the beginning, please let your imagination run wild as you read this article and think of what is possible.

Lets start with the bouquets and floral arrangements on your tables at the reception. Swarovski crystal stems are very versatile, the stainless steel stems can be bent to work into arrangements that tower over the tables with calla lilies, the stems can be cut shorter to nestle in the center of roses, or even fall over the edges to mock ivy that dangles below the blooms.

Crystals can be incorporated in the ensemble by adding them to your décor with votive cups and candles that have Swarovski crystal “flat backs” glued to them in the shape of little hearts or wedding rings. I always thought it would be pretty to set a table with either bowls or tall, slender vases with floating candles in them. You could put loose crystals in the bottom of the water, and then set the decorated votives around them with tea lights. Doing this would make a very simple and elegant setting for a formal or informal wedding reception. One of the wonderful characteristics of Swarovski Crystals is that they are very brilliant, even in very low light.

Another way to have some sparkle on the table is to have crystals as your favors. The crystals will enhance the theme at everybodyÂ’s place setting and give them a memory of the day that theyÂ’ll have for years to come. You could put Swarovski Crystal Wine Glass Markers on everyoneÂ’s glass; just imagine how pretty it would look when they are all raised for the toasts. You could also use Swarovski Crystal Napkin Rings as a way to bring glamour to the table and have a light-on-the-wallet but heavy-on-the-glitz favor for all of your friends and family to take home.

As I said in the beginning, this is only a scratch to the surface of possibilities that can be created from crystals. It is very easy to create a very glamorous and whimsical setting using crystals that will last in your heart and mind forever.

Penny Olson is the owner and designer for Brilliant Wedding Jewelry, specializing in crystal wedding favors and gifts.

Brilliant Swarovski Crystal
Brilliant Swarovski Crystal
Brilliant Swarovski Crystal

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