Brownish Yellow Diamond

Brownish Yellow Diamond
scammed for a bearded dragon?

ok, i bought a beardie for £160 (212aprox) because she was a red phase 2 year old female, and i have seen pics of red phases and they look nothing like her
she has:
- orange and yellow chin (beared) with only tiny bits of red nearer her ears
- a light brown and faint orange body with diamond patterns
- a brownish grey and light brown tail
- and a light orange light yellow and light brown head
is she a red phase?
she looks nothing like that, i guess maybe she’s a sand fire cross (she has the right markings)

Can you post a picture? If your Bearded Dragon does not look like this than I would say that you got scammed.

Brownish Yellow Diamond
Brownish Yellow Diamond
Brownish Yellow Diamond

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