Butterfly Crystal Necklace

Butterfly Crystal Necklace

Bridal Jewelry – What’s in this season? Now, times have changed. These days, the bridal jewelry you decide to wear is entirely based on personal preference and taste. Some people want a large diamond ring and wedding band, some prefer a simple band, while others forgo diamonds altogether and opt for another type of precious stone.

For those who prefer to follow trends, however, the following are some of the recent trends in bridal jewelry.

Engagement rings and bridal sets For engagement rings, white gold remains the most popular type of gold for the band, particularly for younger brides. There is also a growing trend towards platinum rings, which are more expensive than yellow or white gold.

As far as stones go, a diamond engagement ring still remains the most popular by far. The cuts are varied, with Brilliant and Princess cut rings being the most popular. For the wedding band set, the brideÂ’s wedding band can take a number of designs and styles, but narrow wedding bands with diamonds set in are quite popular.

Alternate stones are also an option that is a growing trend. For example, a birthstone or pearl instead of a diamond.

For the men Even for men, simple is on its way out and sparkle on its way in. A growing number of men are opting for diamonds in their own wedding rings. Often, these will be small inlaid diamonds around the band, not a large stone like the ones you would find in a brideÂ’s engagement ring.

Another trend for menÂ’s wedding rings is a combination of metals; for example, a two-tone ring with white and yellow gold, brushed to give it a muted look. Another popular wedding band option for men includes titanium. Titanium rings are often black in color. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that titanium cannot be resized.

Other wedding jewelry Wedding rings arenÂ’t the only jewelry youÂ’ll need for your wedding. A good quality accessory is becoming more and more a standard part for the wedding day and is often built into the wedding budget.

Some popular wedding jewelry trends this season include:

  • Earrings. Earrings are now the number one accessory for brides.
  • Tiaras with stones such as diamonds or cultured freshwater pearl. The stones in the tiara can be brought back to the jeweler and put into a more practical, day to day piece such as a ring or pendant.
  • Necklaces. Traditional pendants such as single diamonds, crosses, or pearls are still quite popular. For bridesmaids, butterfly and heart necklaces are a growing trend as well.

The stones you pick for your wedding jewelry will mostly depend on your taste. As a general rule, simple is on its way out and sparkle is in – think about it; it’s your wedding day, so it’s your time to shine.

Diamonds and pearls will always be trendy. Freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystal are a good affordable option for those who want nice jewelry without spending too much money. For bridesmaids, jewelry that contrasts with the color of the dress is popular, such as blue pearls with chocolate brown dress

Before you start shopping for bridal jewelry, however, make sure you have your dress picked out so your jewelry will complement your dress and its style.

It is often said that accessories make the outfit, and your wedding jewelry is no different. Having unique wedding jewelry is an important part of the brideÂ’s ensemble.

L Maher is a content writer who writes and researches about gorgeous and extraordinary Celtic jewelry, as well as Irish culture and history. Get more information regarding Celtic jewelry.

Butterfly Crystal Necklace
Butterfly Crystal Necklace
Butterfly Crystal Necklace

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