Carat Diamond Studs

Carat Diamond Studs

Tips to get the best value shopping online

This Mother’s Day diamond stud earring will be a popular gift item. Always in style, always elegant; ladies always love their diamond studs. Even if she already has pair, a new larger pair or new shape will be greeted with even more excitement than when you gave her the first pair. So if you have decided this is the year to give her diamond studs, read on and learn what to look for when shopping online to ensure the diamond studs you get will be the quality and value you pay for.

Online jewelry shopping has exploded over the last few years. More and more consumers are getting comfortable with expensive online purchases such as diamonds and jewelry. With the expansive growth of the Internet there are also thousands of new merchants to choose from, heck, even Amazon sells diamonds. So how do you choose?

If you have read any of my past articles, you know my advice always begins with pointing out the difference between a jeweler selling jewelry and a “reseller” selling a catalog. Because of the after the sale services, I prefer the jeweler every time when it comes to fine quality pieces. If you want to find the cheapest, biggest diamond studs, you do not need to keep reading, go to Target or WalMart it’s that simple.

If you are interested in quality and fine jewelry then you can follow the guidelines outlined here and you will get a great deal and a fine quality pair of diamond stud earrings she will cherish.

For each merchant you visit, use this outline as a checklist to narrow your search. While price is important, never use price as your starting point when shopping for diamond jewelry, there are just too many other variables. Focus on quality and the reputation of the jeweler first and foremost.

With this checklist you will be able to weed out undesirable merchants, select who you want to buy from and get an understanding of how to compare prices apples to apples. If you have not done so already, you should have some basic diamond education before you start shopping. If needed, visit our online diamond education center for diamond basics.


Stated quality

  • Ensure the quality description is specific. Many retailers only provide a range, i.e., G-I color, SI-I3 clarity. This range is too broad. A good merchant will specifically state the quality. G, VS-2 or H, SI-1.
  • Confirm that the diamond quality was graded prior to mounting. This is one of the most important criteria to ensure you are getting the stated quality.

Stated carat weight

  • Look for the specific stated carat weight. It’s common for retailers to “advertise” at the popular carat weights of .25tcw, .33tcw, .50tcw, .75tcw, 1.0tcw, etc and then give you less carat weight. For example the merchant will list .33tcw Diamond Studs, and in the fine print is says “minimum carat weight .30tcw”. This is simply not good practice, and is typically where a retailer can make better margins by giving you less than promised.
  • Whatever the size diamond studs you select, get the carat weight in each diamond that you are paying for. For example if you are purchasing .50tcw, divide by two and note that each diamond should be .25ct each at a minimum.


  • Depending on size, diamond studs do not normally come with GIA or AGS certifications, a reputable merchant will provide legal documentation on the diamonds. Ask for an appraisal and a Sarin diamond grade report from a real jeweler. This is the best documentation available.


  • Now that you have leveled the playing field by following the guidelines you can compare prices between reputable merchants. It’s always true in jewelry, if it looks to good to be true, look closer.
  • If you have followed the comparison criteria, prices will be competitive and most likely the differences will be in added value. For example if you buy from a pure online reseller, there are no added services, but on the other hand if you buy from a jeweler or jewelry store they usually offer annual cleaning and inspection, appraisals, etc. Sometimes the added value is worth it when investing in fine quality jewelry.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

About Diamond Design Co.

At Diamond Design Co. all our diamonds are hand selected and graded by our own GIA Diamond Graduate, prior to mounting. We run a full Sarin Diamond Grading analysis to ensure we provide only the best cut diamonds. Our diamond studs will be the carat weight promised, this includes a full appraisal, and comes with our Full Lifetime Warranty and Signature Services Membership.

Expect the best!

About the Author

Jacqueline Hull is the President and CEO of Diamond Design Co (DDC), a high end jewelry company located in San Francisco. Ms. Hull has been working with jewelers and clients since early 2000 and has written numerous diamond education pieces for Beyond the 4Cs.

Diamond Design Co. designs and manufacturers custom engagement, wedding and anniversary jewelry for high end clientele in the Bay Area.

Carat Diamond Studs
Carat Diamond Studs
Carat Diamond Studs

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