Carat Diamond Wedding

Carat Diamond Wedding

Even though diamonds are considered a womanÂ’s best friend, they can be a guy’s good buddy too — particularly if that diamond is set in a wedding band. However, depending on the diamond, the price of the bands will definitely vary. Diamonds can be selected depending on a few fundamental factors like carat, color, cut, clarity, cost, and certification provided by the manufacturer or the shop where the diamond has been purchased.

Solitaires are single precious stone wedding rings. These are usually set in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold, platinum and other metals. Many shapes such as heart, emerald, oval, round, marquise, pear, multi cut, princess, trillion, and radiant can be set. A diamond’s weight is the simplest of its characteristics to measure and is in terms of “carat”. One carat is equal to a fifth of a gram and each carat is divided into 100 points.

A larger diamond is more valuable as it is more rare compared to a smaller diamond. Also, the price per carat increases, as the diamond gets larger.

The brilliance of a diamond can be determined by the way it has been cut in symmetry.

The amount of light refracted and reflected from a diamond is decided by the precision of the cut. The quality of the cut and final polish reveals the beauty of a diamond. Though all the diamonds appear white in color there are subtle differences according to the. The most expensive is the “colorless” diamond as compared to the other diamonds. Mostly it has different hues and tints rather than a bold color difference.

Since the diamonds can be mounted onto any design and metal, they provide an excellent setting for a wedding band. However, in case of menÂ’s wedding bands, daily wear can expose the diamond and its mounting to a variety of metal surfaces, i.e.; steel door handles, steel shopping cart handles, etc., that might damage the diamond. Be certain that the diamond is secure in its setting and get the prongs inspected regularly.

Ensure that a diamond certificate is provided at the time of buying the diamond. This certificate is from an independent testing laboratory and provides all the details regarding the diamond viz., shape, measurements, carat weight, color, and imperfections or inclusions. Also it has the details of certain characteristics of the diamond’s cut and any other comments regarding the diamond. Check that the diamond purchased has the numerical ID that identifies the diamond as being connected with its certificate.

For men, diamonds set wedding bands are available as low as $199 or lesser, with no specific higher range. However, the price depends on the size and cut of the diamond. Solitaires are the most expensive. Most of the diamonds set gold wedding bands are set in 14-carat gold, though they can be made into 18-carat or 24-carat on demand.

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Carat Diamond Wedding
Carat Diamond Wedding
Carat Diamond Wedding

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