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Swarovski’s Crystal Colors

For more than 100 years, Daniel Swarovski from Austria and his sons invaded the Crystal Jewelry industry using their patented Swarovski’s cutting machine. They created crystals in different colors and established The Daniel Swarovski Corporation in 1895.

They first made what they call “Crystal” which has a colorless tinge to it. Then, it was followed by the “Topaz,” which was later enhanced to “Erinite”. After too much innovation from their cutting machine, they discovered the “Rose,” “Light Siam” as well as the “Sapphire.” When they explored further into the jewelry industry, they discovered the “Cobalt”, then the “Lilac” and later on the “Tanzanite”. Soon after, they added the beauty of the “Amethyst”, “Smokey Quartz” and the “Black Diamond” into their list of crystals.

After long years of exploration, they discovered that there are also colors of crystal jewelry such as the “Jet”, and “Fuschia”, then the “Emerald”, and the “Aqua.” These colors amazed everyone especially the ladies who are fond of pairing their crystals with their outfits. This was followed by new jewelry colors like the “Indicolite”, “Padparadscha”, and the “Violet”. Later on, they created from the original colors lighter hues like “Light Amethyst”, “Light Rose”, and the “Light Sapphire.”

And as the company Swarovski grows bigger, they discovered more colors. Next in line in jewelry colors by the Swarovski’s are the “Capri Blue”, “Peridot” and the “Garnet.” Later on, another light colored crystal came into picture: “Light Topaz.”

Remember your recent wedding anniversary? What did your wife receive from a generous husband like you? Did she receive such unforgettable “Montana Sapphire” which probably cost a fortune to buy? Did you give your wife the “White Opal” or the “Blue Zircon”? And are you generous enough to buy different crystal jewelry colors like “Ruby” or the “Crystal Dorado” for your next anniversaries? Or with or without occasions, can you afford to give her the “Bermuda Blue”, “Light Peach” and “Shadow Crystals,” which balance the skin tone of the one wearing it. These are just some of the colors that came much later.

But not all colors fit everybody. For the ladies, you have to be aware that upon wearing the crystal jewelry colors, it should also match the color of your outfit. Don’t ever wear jewelry colors that contradict the color of your gown. Even in previous centuries, they already wearing the above-mentioned crystal jewelry colors although they did not realize that it was created by the Swarovski clan. The company is a four generation crystal company that supplies the largest number of full lead crystals around the globe. They make up about 75% of the total crystal supplies in the market. And through the years, the Swarovski’s maintained the quality of their crystals: fine-faceted and polished, extracting the sparkle and brilliance out of each crystal.

The Swarovski’s Crystal Jewelry colors are all showcased in different internet stores designed and made into different kinds of jewelries such as bracelets, anklets, watches, necklaces and other accessories. It is now even used in bags and wallets and even in shoes. You can also buy directly to the Swarovski Corporation if you want to make your own bracelets or any other crystal jewelry and sell it to people. Just look up the company in the Internet through search engines like yahoo and google.

Crystal Jewelry Hobby

Crystal Jewelry Hobby
Hobby To Business: Marketing Your Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelries are among the jewelries that are increasing in popularity, nowadays. They have always been sold pretty well. They are great gifts which is why during holidays, its sales increase. There are many designs, colors and even cuts that you could choose from. Crystal jewelries are not just something you can buy in certain stores, you can even make them at home.

They are individuals who are finding making their own crystal jewelries a great hobby. Making your own jewelry is a great way of personalizing you accessories and at the same create something unique that would fit your personality. But others would find making their crystal jewelry not just an entertaining hobby but as a business, as well.

If you are planning to start a business from your hobby, then there are some things that you would need to consider.

• Who is your target market? Any business would have a target audience. You would have to identify who you are attracting to buy your crystal jewelries. For example, do you intend to sell it online or to local jewelry stores? If you identified the target buyer, then you would have to strategize.

• Online sales for your crystal jewelry would require a site where potential customers can view your products. Choose a website and make that site unique. Do not be hasty. Plan and design your website, you can get help from a web developer if you want. Make sure that it is fresh and different from other similar sites.

• Aside from the usual designs that you are making, there are some who would make adjustable crystal jewelries. What is this? Like necklaces with adjustable length, earring with changeable earrings, watches that have bands that could be changed. These kind of jewelries would actually allow the customer to adjust them based on the occasion. You could also take custom-made orders.

• Once you have determined the target buyers and customers, you would then have to finalize or determine the price. To determine the price, identify how much you have spent on the materials you have used and also, the time you have spent making the jewelry. There are some jewelry makers who forget to include their labor time in the competition and gives the jewelries for a lower price.

• There are conventions and craft shows that you can attend to showcase your handmade crystal jewelry. Just make sure that you would be bringing your business card that has your contact information with you. If you are going outside your local area, then definitely you would have to inform or provide information about your website or distributor.

• You have to practice control over your inventory. Keep track of the pieces that you have and those that were sold. Also keep track of your supplies. You do not want to run out of supplies in the middle of your project.

• Take care of your customer base. If you have a customer who made a substantial purchase, then try to get their contact information like their email if possible. This would allow you to have contact with them and inform the with any new jewelry. But do not be too personal nor too overbearing, just be warm and professional. This would help you earn repeat customers.

Crystal jewelries can be a promising business, as long as you know how to handle it and plan ahead. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing.

Crystal Jewelry Hobby
Crystal Jewelry Hobby
Crystal Jewelry Hobby

Antique Crystal Jewelry

Antique Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry Versus Traditional Jewelry

Crystal jewelry has been around for quite some time now. It was first discovered when man started putting precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and jades in their jewelries. For the good part of the history of jewelry making and crafting, the Egyptians were given credit for infusing jewelry in their customs and traditions. Jewelry were adornments that symbolized the social standing of a person in the Egyptian society, very much the like the denomination of coins.

The higher the value of the jewelry the more important the role a person plays in his community. If the person only had a handful of these adornments they were servants and placed the lowest in that society, but if they were adorned with jewelry in every nook and cranny they held some of the highest positions in the land. None of course can have more jewelry that the pharaoh himself.

During those times metals formed a very important part of the craft of jewelry making. Serving as the base or the main article of the jewelry piece, metals such as gold and silver were considered the skeleton of the piece itself. During the times of the great discoveries, great and wise men were commissioned to study how to turn non precious metals in to gold.

The Alchemists, said to forefathers of modern chemists, did everything they can to discover a way of turning plain copper and bronze in to gold. Some have claimed success though there were no documented proofs of one ever happening. Yet, what it did was pave the way for greater things in the craft of jewelry making.

Traditionally, jewelry sets were made from gold or silver with precious stones or semi-precious stones as adornments. These can be seen even in the earliest of civilization. These kinds of jewelry pieces are what we call the metallic pieces as it has metal as its main material. Metallic jewelry was very common because of their ease in crafting and durability. Even up to the present time most of the master jewelers prefer to have metallic based jewelry as oppose to the alternative materials.

On the other hand, one major setback of this is the depleting source of gold and other precious metals. While it is true that metals can be melted back to its raw form the number of people willing to let go of their traditional pieces are quite few, since most of these pieces are part of a family heirloom or an important collection.

One good alternative to traditional piece are crystal jewelry sets. Crystal jewelry has been around for some time now. The first people to make use of pure crystals in their jewelry sets and other items were the Chinese. Since their discovery of jade and other precious stones they have been using it in their swords, crowns and their jewelry.

The Chinese have mastered the art of crafting crystal jewelry and they have passed it on through out the ages. Some of the recent artifacts discovered in China suggest that crystals served more than just ordinary adornments for the Chinese people. They have also used it in their charms and amulets as part of the belief that in can drive away demons and attract good fortune.

Crystal jewelry has also formed part of their heirlooms and other important collections.

Antique Crystal Jewelry
Antique Crystal Jewelry
Antique Crystal Jewelry

Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry

Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry
Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry

Are you a wedding coordinator? As a wedding coordinator, you are the one in-charge of the whole wedding and therefore the one responsible for its success. From the venue of the wedding event to the gown of the brides and the entourage, and even down to the crystal jewelry accessories they will be wearing with their gowns, you will be the one to organize everything.

To help you with one of the tasks, here is some guide on the best bridal bracelets in the market today. Most of these are available in the market and online. Looking up these items online will help you with time management as the bride and the entourage will be able to choose first before you buy them or pull them out from the store.

(1) Pearl and Crystal Droplet Bridal Bracelet beautify with Sterling Silver chain that hold a 4mm Light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals then a 6mm Champagne Swarovski Pearls and a length of 7 inches for about $68 each;

(2) Pearl Droplet Bridal Bracelet that presentably hang into a Sterling Silver chain that will hold the 6mm White Swarovski Pearls at a price of $65 for every bridesmaid to wear;

(3) Champagne Cluster Bridal Bracelet for only $69 each handicrafted scroll base of about 4mm and 6mm Light Champagne Swarovski Crystal Pearls;

(4) expensively beautify your client�s bridesmaids is to wear them the Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Cluster Bridal Bracelet for about $74 each; and

(5) a handicrafted sterling silver Scroll Base about 4mm clear Swarovski Crystals for much lesser cost of $72 each. Also, you can show them the beauty of the

(6) Blue and Cream Pearl Cluster Bracelet for only $65 each and the

(7) Champagne and Gold Cluster Bracelet for only $75 each. If you want to finally amaze them the beauty of each bracelets for their bridesmaids you can show them the

(8) Champagne and Cream Cluster Bracelet or the

(9) Cream Pearl and Crystal Charm Bracelet both of them sales with $75 each. And if your client wanted a jewelry watch for their bridesmaids, you can present to them the

(10) Champagne and Cream Pearl Watch � a top drilled dancing of Champagne Freshwater Pearls and an Ivory Swarovski Crystal Pearls with light Colorado Topaz Swarovski Crystals maneuvered the clock designs by the Geneva Watch for only a reasonable price of $71 each. Another price-studded crystal jewelry is the

(11) Three Coin Bridal Bracelet for the price of $63; and the

(12) White Dancing Pearl Bridal Bracelet for about 7 inches long and the an extravagant price of $71 each.

But if your client is looking for a much cheaper bridal bracelets, you can suggest the following:

(1) strung with a 4mm White Freshmater Pearls and at the end is hanging 3mm Stardust Sterling Silver balls with a market name as White Pearl Blue Charm Bracelet for only $55;

(2) For the price of $58 each, you can present to them the Blue and White Droplet Bridal Bracelet made intact of 4mm White Freshwater Pearls with Stardust beads, dangles and ends with square Silver beads. Another short budget wedding crystal jewelry bracelet is the

(3) Butterfly Bridal Bracelet for only $49 each or the

(4) Coin Pearl Bridal Bracelet for much lesser cost of $48 each.

No matter what design it is, you can be sure that these crystal jewelries will make anyone�s wedding the best ever.

Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry
Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry
Bridesmaid Bracelet Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry Cleaning

Crystal Jewelry Cleaning
Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Some people are intimidated by cleaning their crystal jewelry. The fact that they are so beautiful and so elegant, people are afraid that if the would be cleaning it incorrectly, its lustre and beauty would lessen. Crystal jewelry is also associated with healing. They are also referred to as healing crystals. They are said to have natural energy that could help the body rejuvenate or strengthen its system. This could also be another factor when cleaning them.

Crystals would retain its energy charge, but it would lose its energy within a few hours. There are also cases that crystals would absorb negative kind of energy that can be felt by the user. Therefore it is important to clear and recharge the crystals. To clear a crystal, it can be placed or soaked in sea salt, usually for the whole night until a couple of days. After that, you can rinse it with some water and then put it under the sun.

Now, putting that aside. Let�s talk about keeping your crystals shining all the time. Crystals would lose it s gleam because of its daily and long time use. Not that we purposefully neglect them, but because some activities would cause it to lose its shine, like applying lotion and makeup. Aside from that, the skin releases natural oil which also conceals the sheen of the jewelry.

Taking care of your crystal jewelry can actually be very inexpensive. Jewelry stores would often sell different jewelry cleaning materials but if you prefer to make your own, then you can easily buy some materials in a grocery store. Baby wipes are a great way to rub off the dirt. It does not contain harmful chemicals that could harm the jewelry. After wiping off the traces of dirt, dry it with cotton. You can also use a soft cloth soaked in warm water.

There would be times when baby wipes and soft cloth could not totally remove the dirt, you can use other cleaning methods. Some would make their own cleaning solution, water, alcohol and dishwashing liquid. Aside from dishwashing liquid, some would prefer using mild laundry detergent. This can be mixed together to clean crystal jewelries.

A soft-bristled toothbrush can also be used to remove the dirt from the crystals, especially if it has corners or the design will have nooks that is difficult to reach by hand. When using a toothbrush, remember that use is lightly and gently, you do not want to have the whole jewelry ruined because you brushed it like how you brush your teeth.

You can also soak the crystal jewelries in the same solution to totally remove the dirt. But it do not over soak it, two minutes will be enough. Rinse the jewelry in lukewarm water, this will take off or wash away the remaining solution. Be sure to dry it well with cotton cloth or tissue. But be cautious when soaking crystal jewelries, some crystal jewelries would have gemstones or semi-gemstones. The are never meant to be soaked!

The problem with gemstones, especially those semi-gemstones like malachite, amber, opal or jade, is that they are very porous. Meaning, they can absorb the detergent and chemicals overtime. Absorption of these kinds of chemicals could eventually lead into the fading of colours of the jewelry. It would be safe to use warm water and a soft cotton cloth to clean gemstones.

Proper cleaning and taking care of you crystal jewelry, would make you able to use it for a long period of time. Crystals are timeless, since they represent elegance, charm and beauty. So if you have one, it would be great to keep them shining for a long period of time.

Crystal Jewelry Cleaning
Crystal Jewelry Cleaning
Crystal Jewelry Cleaning

Making Crystal Jewelry

Making Crystal Jewelry
Making Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Crystals are among the most preferred jewelry. Aside from being beautiful, they can look very elegant. Not only crystals can be used to make jewelries, they could also make good ornaments and at the same time accessories for clothes. Because of the beauty and charm of crystals, the number of people who are buying and choosing crystals are increasing.

Some popular types of crystals would be Swarovski crystal which is an Austrian crystal, Celestial crystal and Czech glass. In addition to these, there are crystals often referred to as healing crystals. There are often left in their natural state and unfinished. There are also crystalline stones which are made as crystal jewelry like quartz and amethyst. Austrian crystals are the most expensive in the market compared to other crystals.

There are many designs of crystal jewelry available in the market. But handmade crystal jewelry are also increasing in popularity. Hand making crystal jewelries allows the individual to personalize the jewelry. They can select the designs and colors that they want. This would also make jewelries unique and different from those jewelries that you may probably see in other people�s necks and wrists.

There are different styles of crystal jewelries, necklaces, bracelets, crystal earrings and even finger rings. Crystals are available in different colors, it would not be difficult for you to create your jewelry based on your color specifications. Crystals can be very durable. You can see crystal pendants or beads carved out in different forms.

What do you need when making crystal jewelry? The most important equipment will be your pliers. There are different kinds of pliers and cutters, each has its own purpose. If you check a toolbox of a professional jewelry maker, you would notice that they would have different kinds of pliers. But for starters, you can use just the basic pliers, the flat nose, round nose and the wire cutter.

Of course, you would need the beads, wires and locking devices or clasps. You may also need a design board, bead organizers and crimping tools. Crimping tools will secure the clasps in your jewelry. Some would consider getting a jewelry-making kit instead of buying the supplies separately. There are also jewelry making kits that you can buy, they could include beads, basic tools and guide for jewelry-making. There are also different books that would have guides in them readily available in different shops.

Before you start any beading, go to the drawing board first. Design your project. Identify if you will be making a necklace or a bracelet or other jewelries. You would also have to plan what color scheme you are going to use, type of closure or clasps you will be using, and what kinds of crystals you are going to use.

Do not be limited to common designs. There are a lot of crystal products that you can make. You can sew in to your clothes while others would make ornaments and even bouquets out of it. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be take a little risk with the designs. But make sure that the designs you will be using are not just for fun but functional too.

Everybody can learn how to make crystal jewelry. Some would even make a living out of their hobby. To create dazzling and amazing jewelry, you would need to unleash your creativity and at the same time, have a little bit of patience. You can even include other people into craft making, it could be a bonding moment between mother and daughter. You can even give these crystal jewelries as gifts or keep it to yourself.

Making Crystal Jewelry
Making Crystal Jewelry
Making Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry Care

Crystal Jewelry Care
Safeguarding Your Crystal Jewelry

No matter how beautiful a person or object is time can only tell how long it will stay the same. This is a proven fact. The only thing that you can do to maintain health and vigor is to live a disciplined and junk-free life. Do away with all the stress and learn to handle situations in a more calm and subtle way. These principles hold true for your precious gems, accessories, ornaments, and of course you crystal jewelry. It is solely up to you to safeguard and ensure that the quality of your crystal jewelries is not compromised. Here are some of the things you can do.

You really don�t have to give a fuss about caring for your crystal jewelry. Nevertheless it is your responsibility if you want them to continue making you look better and better each time you wear them. Face it. Your crystals are not immortals. Every time you use them there is a chance that their features can be altered just like when you start to age.

As your daily utilization increases, the crystals in your jewelry tend to lose a certain degree of what is called as its luster. This is the property of the crystal that gives it a unique glow and brilliance. This is what makes it stand among other accessories. At present Swarovski is the leading producer of the best and high quality crystals across the globe. It is incomparable when market value is tackled about.

If you start to notice that after a series of usage your crystal begins to show signs of dullness it�s not yet time to take it out with the other trash in the house. It is way too precious. You must begin by employing two trustee allies to help you salvage the quality of your crystal jewelry. Get to know two things commonly used to maintain a high standard of hygiene. These are your very accessible baby wipes and your common household friend rubbing alcohol.

Since most of the crystal jewelry in the market are being nabbed by women let�s take a look at how simple body care procedures can ruin the quality of precious Swarovski crystals. Women tend to put a lot of items on their body to keep its moisture and glow intact. There are oil and lotions, hairsprays and gels, and who would forget those time consuming make-ups. But be careful these are the ones that lead your crystal jewelry to lose their touch in making you look astonishing.

Nevertheless you can wipe your worries away by utilizing the ever reliable baby wipe. It�s really easy and manageable. You ladies can effortlessly engage in the caring of your precious jewelry by holding a piece of baby wipe using your fingers and thumbs. You can then let the crystals slip along the wipe until they are as good as new. Make sure you do this trick to all of your crystals. Afterwards the deal is closed by utilizing a plain tissue or cotton to dry your crystal jewelry off.

Another option you can consider in maintaining the integrity of your crystal jewelry is by using a solution. Now this solution is produced by mixing tap water with dish soap and rubbing alcohol. It offers a reliable way of cleaning off the effects of lotions, oils, and hair sprays on your beloved crystals. You are assured that they are squeaky and sparkling clean.

Make sure to safeguard your crystal jewelry and they will do the same for your reputation and appearance.

Crystal Jewelry Care
Crystal Jewelry Care
Crystal Jewelry Care

Crystal Jewelry And Healing

Crystal Jewelry And Healing
Crystal Jewelry And Healing

Crystal jewelries are among the most elegant, charming and timeless jewelries. But not only are they beautiful, crystals are known to have healing powers too. There are experts who believed that crystals could help in the process of Spiritual healing.

Earliest mention of the healing abilities of crystals can be traced to an influential physicist name Edgar Cayce. Although, there are historical accounts mentioning the use of crystals to heal illnesses in ancient Egypt. The Indian Ayurvedic medicine tradition also uses crystals for healing and treatment. They are even used in the Chinese traditional medicine.

Different crystals have different healing abilities. When crystals are placed in points where the energy is carried out, called chakras, they are believed to have healing effects. They rejuvenate the system and allow the individual to achieve better health and well-being.

Effective crystal healing has three important steps. The first one is the cleansing process. The crystals during this process would try to remove the energy blockages that can be the main cause of the illness. The crystal needs to be in contact with the person who is having the healing process during this time. Every week, the healing crystals need to be placed in direct sunlight. This would cleanse and at the same recharge the crystal’s energy.

The second step would be the harmonizing and integrating process. The changes made in the first step are included in your whole physical, emotional and mental being. There could be some changes on the physical and emotional aspect of the person. Why? Because the toxins are being flushed out of the body.

Stability is the third step. In this step, the changes are accepted by the body and the body slowly becomes stable because of this change. Stabilized body would mean that your body can survive the harsh surroundings and pressure even without your healing crystals. But still, the stabilized stage would wear off and you would need to put on your healing crystals to get back on your feet again.

Different crystals can heal different kinds of illnesses. Here are some crystals and the benefits that they can give to the body.

• Amethysts are purple stones that are commonly used to address problems with blood sugar, nightmares and even help in anger management.

• Blue green aquamarine stones are ideal for reducing anxiety, boosting the heart and immune system.

• Coral stones would increase your metabolism process

• Diamonds would help in building your confidence, trust and clarity.

• Emeralds could help during childbirth and can help in dealing with depression, insomnia and improve eyesight.

• Sapphires can reduce inflammation.

• Jade can treat infections and impotency. It can help in the regular menstruation for women and at the same time not afraid to talks about love and leadership.

• Rubies are also for clearing or cleansing the blood.

• Quartz allows a person to be able to heal inside, achieve peace and forgive and be kind.

Healing crystals of course have healing abilities, but never be too complacent and try to heal your own sickness. Of course, you will still need medical attention. Crystals could help increase the strength of the body and resolve some problems, it has a natural energy that could help us be rejuvenated. Crystal jewelry are not the only for accessorizing anymore, it has gone deeper than that.

Crystal Jewelry And Healing
Crystal Jewelry And Healing
Crystal Jewelry And Healing

Crystal Jewelry Weddings

Crystal Jewelry Weddings
Why Crystal Jewelry are Perfect for Weddings

Weddings are definitely joyous but exhausting event. Aside from the basics like searching for a venue, the wedding dress, the reception and the like�one of the major considerations of countless couples who are planning to tie the knot is the crystal jewelry for the event such as the wedding ring.

Usually, most couples prefer a diamond wedding ring set because it is large enough to be worn by itself. For those who are much into rings, a diamond wedding set is perfect for you because it can serve as an engagement ring and the wedding ring all at the same.

The search is on!

Searching for that perfect diamond wedding ring can be stressful and strenuous because there are so many things to consider such as the beauty, shape, size, and cost. The best thing you can do is to trim down these options based on your personal preference and taste.

If you are one of those couples who are planning to buy a crystal jewelry set for the wedding, it would be best if you find time to research on what is available. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to get information on crystal jewelry set, you can browse in the Internet that would lead you to different sites. There are so many information here but you can never be sure if these are reliable or not. If you want to make sure that you are getting reliable information on crystal jewelry, visit jewelry stores yourself or ask from people who are knowledgeable on this. Here are some tips that can help you get by in searching for that dream diamond wedding ring set.

First, you have to choose a diamond wedding ring set that suits your taste and of your fianc� as well. There are actually many settings of diamond wedding ring sets available in most jewelry stores today. If you prefer simple ones, you can opt for a diamond wedding ring set that has contemporary or modern look like those rings with one main diamond surrounded by smaller stones. But if you want a grander one, you might want to look for diamond wedding ring sets that have intricate designs or have traditional and antique look.

Next, know what kind of metal you prefer and also determine its weight based on your budget. The most common setting of any diamond wedding ring set is gold�it can be white gold or yellow gold. Based on standards, fine gold jewelry should be mounted in either a 18-karat (K) which, consists of 18 parts pure gold with 6 parts other metals or a 14-karat (K) that has 14 parts pure gold combined with 10 parts of other metals.

Other common option is platinum because it has remarkable appeal and could last longer. Since it�s more durable compared to gold, a diamond wedding ring set made of platinum can resist breakage, chipping, and cracking over time and most of all, it doesn�t cause any discoloration of the skin.

Lastly, consider the shape of the crystal jewelry. The popular diamond shape for wedding rings is round or brilliant because they tend to sparkle more than other shapes. Other popular cuts for diamond wedding rings include baguette, emerald shape, heart shape, oval shape, pear shape, princess cut, marquise, and trillion wedding rings.

Crystal Jewelry Weddings
Crystal Jewelry Weddings
Crystal Jewelry Weddings

Bridal Anklet Crystal Jewelry

Bridal Anklet Crystal Jewelry
Crystal Jewelry For Your Bridal Anklet

Do you want to give your wife a wonderful gift on her wedding day? Why not give her precious Crystal Jewelry in the form of a bridal necklace or earring or maybe a crystal anklet? Through this article, you will learn what kind of crystal jewelry you can give as gifts not only on wedding days but in other occasions as well.

If your budget is high and you can buy jewelries from $60 and up, here are some crystal anklet pieces that you can consider: (1) Jet Crystal Cross Beaded Anklet that was created using a 4mm Jet Swarovski Crystal Beads with clear Swarovski crystal beads and a 10mm clear Swarovski crystal cross wrapped into a Sterling Silver wire; and (2) Tiara Pearl and Crystal Beaded Anklet, this handmade sterling silver chained 4mm Freshwater White Pearls with Swarovski Clear Crystal droplets. The previously mentioned anklets are about 8.5 to 9 inches long for only $61 each. Also in this group, you can make a favorable choices of (3) Pink Crystal Anklet for about $65; (4) Peach and Champagne Anklet for about $60; (5) or the fine sterling silver chain Pink and White Anklet for about $64; (6) Jet Black Gemstone and Crystal Anklet for about $65; or the (7) Siam Red Crystal Anklet also in $65.

But if the price is too much for you, let�s go down to the more affordable price range. Here are some $50+ crystal anklets: (1) Pacific Opal Anklet � this Champagne Pearls tiny button shaped with 4mm bicone Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystal for about 9 inches long; (2) Champagne Coin and Crystal Anklet � holding a hanging droplets of 4mm Light Colorado Topaz Crystals with Light Champagne Freshwater Pearls and the end are two drops of Square Champagne Coin Pearl and Crystals; and (3) Blue Pearl and Crystal Anklet � this Sterling silver chain had a droplets of 4mm Light Sapphire as well as Azure Blue Crystals integrating with Light Blue Freshwater Pearls, it will make you beautiful because of its two Clear Crystal Teardrop with a Light Blue Coin Pearl at the end of the anklet, and all of them auctioned in the net for about $56 each. Also in this group are the (4) Smoky Quartz and Pearl Anklet; (5) White Pearl Charm Anklet; (6) Dragonfly Crystal Beaded Anklet; (7) Jet and Chain Crystal Anklet; (8) Briolette Cluster Crystal Anklet; (9) Light Sapphire Crystal Beaded Anklet; and the (10) Gold and Light Blue Pearl Anklet for about $55 each.

But if you don�t have enough money to buy the expensive ones, the price of $40+ can already give you something that will make anyone happy: (1) Gemstone and Pearl Ankle Bracelet wrapped into Sterling Silver wire with Crystal Silver Pearls as well as the White Freshwater Pearls joining with the Rose Quartz and embedded with Black Onyx Gemstones for only $40; and the (2) Rose Quartz and Pink Pearl Anklet wire wrapped into Sterling Silver with soft pink Rose Quartz Gemstones hanging around the ankle with Pink Pearls for only $42. Also part of this budget range is the (3) Crystal and Pearl Accent Anklet Bracelet for only $45 and the (4) Jet Crystal Ankle Bracelet also for $45. You can try also the Seed Pearl and Crystal Anklet for only $48.

The prices of each anklet are not accurate due to the law of supply and demand. For more updates of the prices of each anklets, you can regularly search on the internet or just drop by to your nearest Crystal Jewelry store ahead the schedule of your wedding day to avoid rush of bridal beautification jewelries.

Bridal Anklet Crystal Jewelry
Bridal Anklet Crystal Jewelry
Bridal Anklet Crystal Jewelry