Certified Natural Diamond

Certified Natural Diamond
Any idea what value this certified diamond is, please see details?

Certified from the European Gemmological Laboratory

Description: Natural Diamond (also called Gem Diamond)
Weight: 0.70 ct
Cut/Shape: Round Brilliant Cut
Measurements: Approx. Max 5.91 Min 5.385 x 3.30 mm
Proportions: GOOD
Depth: 56.1%
Table Diameter: 63%
Crown Height: 11%
Pavillion Depth: 42%
Girdle Thickness: Thin to medium faceted
Color Grade: 0+(D)
Photoluminescence: Distinct

Diamond is sealed (never opened) and certificate is dated July 18, 1979.

Any ballpark idea of what it may be worth?
Thanks in advance.
Also listed as “Internally Flawless”

No problem. I plugged the specs you provided (shape, carat weight, color grade, and clarity grade) into a diamond search engine. I used Diamond Price Guru, but there are several available free online.

It came back with 12 similar diamonds, ranging in price from $4,375 to $6,403. All of these were GIA graded, not EGL, and generally GIA diamonds are priced a little higher than EGL, but not much, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

The age of the diamond usually doesn’t impact the price, so long as it was never worn (so never damaged).

I hope this helps.

Certified Natural Diamond
Certified Natural Diamond
Certified Natural Diamond

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