Champagne Diamond Round

Champagne Diamond Round

Cubic Zirconia has been nicknamed the imitation diamonds. It is a synthetic gemstone that is very reasonable priced. The 1980s saw a surge of popularity for Cubic Zirconia Rings due to an interest in wedding and engagement rings that were priced lower than diamond rings. 2009 has shown that Cubic Zirconia continues to win new customers and keep existing customers. 

Right-Hand Rings

A woman’s left hand, if she is married, has a wedding ring or band on the fourth finger. It used to signify that a woman is “taken”. Feminism has made women realize that we are not owned by a husband.  In that spirit, the concept of the right-hand ring emerged. CZ rings that we buy ourselves represent a woman’s independence and power. A woman, whether married or unmarried, can hand a right-hand ring.  Right-hand rings are showy rings that mark the achievement of today’s successful woman. 

Channel-set CZs in sleek waves

Cubic Zirconia rings demonstrate that you are a woman who is not only fashion-conscious, but money-smart. Another top style is the channel-set CZs in sleek waves. Channel-set refers to a setting in which the stones rest in a metal channel.  Each stone sits perfectly adjoining to the next stone in line. Typically, channel set gems are round, baguette shaped or princess cut. The wave design is also very popular. It resembles the up and down lines of waves; it is a fresh look for jewelry.

Bezel-set CZs in stacking bands 

Another top style of 2009 is the bezel-set CZ rings in stackable bands. This is a beautiful look for an affordable price. Individual rings are pretty when worn alone or a stunning display when two or three are stacked. They fit together perfectly. A Bezel-set used a metal tube that is wrapped around the stone. The metal is pulled down over the stone to hold it. An example of this style incorporates a sterling silver band with white diamond and blue sapphire Cubic Zirconias. How lovely!

CZ rings with princess-cut or marquise-cut stones

2009 also has seen an increase in demand for Cubic Zirconia rings with the princess cut or the marquise cut stones. The cut describes the shape of the stone as well as the proportions and finish. The kind of cut enhances the intense brilliance and variety of gorgeous colors available. The princess cut, second in popularity after the round brilliant, is cut in either a square or rectangular shape.  Its shape is very similar to that of an upturned pyramid with four beveled sides. The princess cut is also known as the square modified brilliant. The princess cut was introduced in the 1960s. 

CZ rings with marquise-cut stones are also top sellers in 2009. The marquise cut is a variation of the brilliant cut diamond. The overall look is boat-shaped. Both ends are long and pointed. The marquise cut is so attractive with any of the following Cubic Zirconia colors: white, pink, blue (blue sapphire), orange, purple (similar to purple amethyst), green or champagne. 

Sarah Carnagie is a silver jewelry enthusiast, and’s head of Product Selection for Silver Cubic Zirconia Rings . You can find more info on cubic zirconia jewelry and cz rings at

Champagne Diamond Round
Champagne Diamond Round
Champagne Diamond Round

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