Champagne Swarovski Crystal

Champagne Swarovski Crystal

Weddings are a time of great joy and celebration. Everyone wants to relax, have a good time, and enjoy the party. Some brides, however, get swept up into the spirit of things too far. Nobody likes to see a drunk bride!

Your wedding is a time to be yourself, yes, but the best version of yourself. That is the advice that brides are constantly given when it comes to picking out their hair, their makeup, their wedding gown, and their crystal bridal jewelry. That advice can also be applied to the bride’s behavior – be natural, but be on your best behavior!

Too many brides these day see their wedding as just a very big party, one that is all about them. They forget that a wedding is not only a festive occasion, but a solemn one as well. You are pledging to spend the rest of your life with another person – that is a big deal! When the bride (or the groom) do not treat the event like the momentous milestone that it is, something is lost.

This is not to say that all brides must be tea-totalers on their wedding day. The idea is to pay attention to your alcohol consumption, and to keep it under careful watch. A few sips of champagne with your bridesmaids to calm your nerves before the ceremony is one thing; chugging a bottle of bubbly before marching down the aisle is something else entirely (especially if you are wearing high heels!).

At the reception, it is always best for the bride to maintain some sense of decorum. What might be fine at a nightclub is not necessarily going to fly at your wedding with all of your family in attendance. There is nothing quite like the sight of an inebriated bride tossing back shots to shatter the graceful illusion she spent months trying to create with the perfectly selected wedding gown and exquisite bridal jewelry handcrafted with the finest Swarovski crystal. Always allow your guests to maintain the belief that you are a lady.

A good rule of thumb is to think about how many drinks you would likely consume at a party or other festive event, and limit yourself to at least one less than that. So if three or four drinks usually makes you pretty silly, plan on two drinks or glasses of wine, tops. (Yes, champagne does count in the tally!) If your bridesmaids keep trying to bring you cocktails, ask them for a glass of water with lemon instead, which will keep you hydrated instead of drying you out like alcohol. All the better to keep your bridal glow intact.

If nothing else convinces you to limit your alcohol consumption at your wedding, perhaps this will: a lot of drinks leads to multiple trips to the restroom, and most brides cannot use the facilities without someone to hold their dress. Do you really want to spend half of your reception in the ladies’ room with your maid of honor?

For brides who like any excuse to enjoy a great time, keep in mind that although the marriage is for you and your husband only, the wedding is really for the families. The sight of their new daughter-in-law stumbling around and slurring her words is not likely to make the best impression on the groom’s family.

When people reflect back on your wedding day, you want them to remark about how lovely and gracious the bride was, not about how drunk she got. Your wedding is not a day to cut completely loose; it is better to keep your celebration within the bounds of good taste. Besides, if you are looking for a chance to go wild and kick up your heels, you can always do it on the honeymoon, where nobody knows you!

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Champagne Swarovski Crystal
Champagne Swarovski Crystal
Champagne Swarovski Crystal

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