Chandelier Crystal Bridal

Chandelier Crystal Bridal

It is no secret that brides love sparkle, glitter, and shimmer. After all, there is just something so glamorous and elegant about twinkling crystal, and it really adds to the feeling of the wedding. These days, brides are finding all sorts of different ways to add crystal accents to their weddings.

The most traditional place for a bride to add sparkle to her wedding is in her bridal ensemble. Bridal gowns embellished with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and sequins are a wonderful way to liven up the bride’s dress. Crystals are also popular accents on veils, shoes, and bags. To really bring the look together, try a set of crystal bridal jewelry. For the iciest look, choose bridal jewelry made with clear crystals, or opt for AB finish crystals for a stunning iridescent effect.

Many brides are bringing the fabulous sparkle of crystals throughout the rest of their weddings, as well. The reception décor and the flowers are great elements to embellish with crystals. One beautiful idea is to have the florist add a dash of sparkle to the bride’s bouquet. You can either choose to have clusters of crystals wired between the blooms for a subtle sparkle, or drop larger teardrop crystals from the edges of the bouquet for more drama.

The reception room is a place where you can go absolutely crazy with crystal accents. The only limitations are your creativity and budget. Centerpieces can be transformed from mundane to magnificent with the use of crystals. A unique idea is to fill clear glass vases with colored crystals as a foundation for the floral displays. Be sure to surround the vases with plenty of candlelight to flicker against the crystals. Colored votive holders in the same color as the crystals would be ideal to create a rich layered effect of color.

A very popular high end style in centerpieces right now are very tall arrangements with natural branches among the flowers. What is so wonderful about the branches is that they can be used to suspend special elements to add an interesting detail to the centerpieces. A spectacular look is to have different sizes of teardrop shaped Swarovksi crystals dripping from the branches. The crystals dance and sparkle in the light, making it especially fabulous for an evening wedding. This idea also works beautifully for a Winter Wonderland themed event.

To introduce a lot of crystal to a space, some brides rent crystal chandeliers to hang in the reception site. It is an incredible way to add elegance and sophistication to a simple space. Nothing else can dress up a room as quickly as the right lighting.

You can use crystals in some of the smaller details of your reception to complete the look. Slip crystal-bedecked napkin rings onto the linens for an extra touch of sparkle. The crystals can be carried through even the smallest details of the affair; for instance, you can choose a guest book with crystals sewn onto the cover with a matching pen stand. Naturally, the crystal theme can be used for the favors and bridesmaid gifts as well. Choose gifts of sparkling crystal bridesmaid jewelry that your girls can wear at the wedding to further enhance the elegance of the evening.

The fabulous sparkle of Swarovski crystals is the perfect way for a bride to make her wedding feel magical. Your guests will be impressed by the crystals twinkling everywhere that they look. The radiance of crystals makes any wedding more elegant and festive.

Laura is interested in wedding planning and wedding trends including jewelry, receptions and gifts. Crystal bridal jewelry adds sophistication to any bridal ensemble.

Chandelier Crystal Bridal
Chandelier Crystal Bridal
Chandelier Crystal Bridal

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