Channel Diamond Wedding

Channel Diamond Wedding
What should I be careful of when resizing wedding rings?

I have two rings I plan on resizing. A diamond channel wedding band and a solitare diamond engagement ring. The rings would go up 1.5 sizes. Both are platinum. What kind of things should I talk with the jewler about or be weary of after resizing them?
Well, I handed my ring over to the jewelers and now I have to wait, which is killing me. It should be done by Thursday. I just pray that it comes out just like how it was before but a few sizes up.

Ask if they plan on cutting/adding or stretching. To go up 1.5 sizes, stretching would more than likely weaken the bands and would FOR SURE loosen the stones in the channel set.

For the the solitare, you’ve really nothing to worry about as far as durability even if they cut/add to the band.
With channel sets, just discuss the possibilities/probabilities of how the resizing could effect the channel sets and whether or not it could result in looser settings.
For most well equipped jewelers, they will be very cautious when sizing a channel set band…but it pays to make your jeweler aware that YOU are aware this is possible if not done properly.

Channel Diamond Wedding
Channel Diamond Wedding
Channel Diamond Wedding

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