Charming Blue Crystal

Charming Blue Crystal
How do I make an annoying cat (that belongs to my neighbor) to stop following me and go home?!?

Sam is a siamese cat with charming crystal blue eyes, but there’s a problem. Yes, he’s lovable and playful and all that jazz, but he WILL NOT stop trying to get into my house and WILL NOT stop following me! I take him back to his home every time he follows me around for like 30 minutes, but he comes RIGHT BACK! I let it slide the first few days, but he doesn’t stop coming and whining at my front door and back door now!!!! Please, please, PLEASE give me some advice to get him out of my hair!

First of all, stop taking him back to his home, because this has become a game for him. Cats like games.

Is it possible to speak to the owner? Cats should not be outside. It’s ultimate death for a cat – not only from traffic and other animals, but from people who don’t like cats.

It’s allowable to spray with a misting bottle but not in the face – it’s not necessary and it’s mean.

Turn on the music and ignore the whines – it does have a home.

Stop petting and playing with him – it might be the only attention he gets and he loves you. And for goodness sake, never give him food.

I couldn’t do it, but if it’s necessary for your sanity, follow these instructions.

spraying the cat with water is OK – but don’t aim for the face – it’s not necessary.

Charming Blue Crystal
Charming Blue Crystal
Charming Blue Crystal

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