Circle Diamond Pendant

Circle Diamond Pendant
I got a 3 ct diamond pendant as a gift. It’s a circle with 50 small diamonds all around. How much is it worth?

Hi there

Firstly, do not take your diamond to a ‘standard’ jeweller for a valuation, you need to get someone with diamond expertise to carry out the valuation.

Also note the jewellers typically charge 2 to 3 times the trade price for a diamond, they make huge profit margins. So, their valuation is likely to reflect this mark-up and not what you would actually get if you sold it.

My recommendation would be to visit a diamond trader or a company that works with diamond traders. In the UK I would recommend, they know a huge amount about diamonds, provide a lot of helpful information, and give free valuations. There must be similar companies in the US.

As to value a 3 carat diamond; if it looks white and with no imperfections that can be see with the ‘naked eye’, in a round brilliant cut, it is likely to be worth from $20,000 upwards to well over $100,000 for top quality. Key also to note is the size, if your diamond is just under 3 carat (e.g. 2.99) it would be worth a lot less than a 3.00 carat. The smaller diamonds sound very small and would have little value in themselves, however they would need to be seen to verify this.

Check out the site I mentioned and then try to find someone similar near to where you live.

I hope this helps.

Circle Diamond Pendant
Circle Diamond Pendant
Circle Diamond Pendant

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