Circle Swarovsk Crystal

Circle Swarovsk Crystal

Cufflinks are not new fashion accessories. Actually, they have been used as men’s accessories centuries ago. You can trace back cufflinks history as early as the Middle Ages. Of course way back then, mass production of cufflinks was unlikely, because cufflinks then were not really popular until the cuffs’ style was also reinvented to what it is now – simpler. And if ever there was any, it would probably be, what else, handmade.

While cufflinks, regardless of size, have this nifty ability to shine and let its bearer shine as well, the hand crafted ones are extra special. Well, fortunately, almost all types of cufflinks can be hand made – from its design to it mechanism.

Of course, these cufflinks can be a bit pricey than the ordinary ones. But what do handmade cufflinks have to offer? What makes them special besides their hefty price tag?

The Luxury and Elegance

Handmade cufflinks give the luxury of extra human touch because they are personally and professionally crafted. Unlike ordinary cufflinks that are mass-produced and casted in a molder by trays perhaps, these handmade ones have specially gone through more intricate details compared to ordinary cufflinks.

Handmade Cufflinks – the possibilities can be endless

Another advantage of handcrafted cufflinks is that, they can be customized and personalized, according to the client’s requirements. Sometimes, clients request or prefer their own specifications or personal design while at times, cufflinks need to suite a special theme or occasion, such as a wedding party or sports tournament.

These accessories can well provide you freedom and control as to what you exactly want. For the design, you can have handmade cufflinks with a specific map as your decorative piece, or perhaps the face of your favorite celebrity. They can be monogrammed too.

You can even choose the type of material and gemstones that you want. Some people are very particular about this. Handmade cufflinks may include multi-colored crystal, Swarovski crystal, enamel, pearl, precious and semi-stones.

Also, the shape of your cufflink can be customized. You may choose contemporary shapes over the usual classic shapes such as circle and square cufflinks. There are barrel-shaped cufflinks, tub-shaped cufflinks, and other odd shaped cufflinks.

Even the texture of cufflinks can be customized.

Whether you need formal, contemporary, or even novelty cufflinks, handmade cufflinks can cater that.

With the handmade type, you get to wear a unique pair of cufflinks exclusively for you, which you won’t find anywhere else, of course. That’s also one of the reasons why they make great gift ideas, for Christmas, Father’s day or groomsmen gifts.

The prices of customized special cufflinks vary, depending on the materials used, finish, and design, plus workmanship of course. Yes, making cufflinks by hand is a craft, a skill, an art that it takes a gifted professional/jeweler to deliver an exceptional pair of cufflinks. By the way, cufflinks can also be considered also as jewelry; it’s not uncommon to find gold, sterling silver, chrome, and even diamond cufflinks, not to mention the linings or precious stones embedded on the cufflinks itself.

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Circle Swarovsk Crystal
Circle Swarovsk Crystal
Circle Swarovsk Crystal

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