Clean Diamond Semi

Clean Diamond Semi

The definition of the word “Jewellery” is literally any piece of fine material that someone uses to adorn themselves. It can be made out of almost every substance known to man and has been made to decorate nearly every body part, from hairpins, belly button and toe rings to regal tiaras, diamond rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. While many of the high-quality pieces are made with gemstones like diamonds and sapphires and precious metals like platinum, the cheaper but very attractive items of costume jewellery are made from less valuable materials and tend to be mass-produced.

With a description that offers such enormous scope, it is no wonder that “a woman can never have enough jewellery”. For example, different pieces are needed to mirror moods: someone feeling flamboyant would probably wear some large pieces like chandelier earrings, a multi coloured gem set pendant and bracelet and colourful three stone ring set with mixed gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. While a quieter mood could be reflected by wearing something like diamond stud earrings and a diamond trilogy ring.

Or it might be that a significant event has occurred in her life: it is pretty obvious why she needs a diamond solitaire engagement and wedding ring, but maybe she has just had a baby – in which case a trinity or eternity ring is the thing to wear. Or she has just had a birthday and is wearing a piece of jewellery which has her birthstone set in it. If her birthday is in May and she is a Gemini for example then emeralds will commemorate this.

Then there are the pieces of jewellery that are given to bring her love and luck; like a diamond handbag pendant, wishbone, horseshoe, heart, lock or four leaf clover. And even if she does not have religious tendencies, diamond crosses are very popular nowadays.

The type of jewellery that a woman will wear for work is normally vastly different than what she will put on for a night out. Depending of what she does for a living she will need to consider if the jewellery she is wearing is durable and is easy to clean (claw set diamond solitaire rings can catch if the setting is very high; and diamond pave set jewellery needs more cleaning than a diamond bangle for example). If she has regular contact with important clients and is often in company boardrooms she will probably want to wear something very powerful but understated – a diamond solitaire ring and matching earrings spring immediately to mind here. But if she has a less formal job then there is nothing to stop her donning a pair of chandelier earrings and chunky bracelet.

For the evening “bling” is the thing at the moment and sparkling gemstone jewellery and a cocktail watch are de rigueur. There are some stunning pieces of cocktail jewellery on the market with many top designers lending their names to various ranges.

Hopefully you are now starting to get the picture why a woman needs so many different pieces of jewellery …or it may be just a relaxed evening in with the girls or someone special, when diamond or huggy or hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet and wishbone pendant are comfortable pieces to wear.

For more energetic sports such as shopping (which can be a marathon!), playing tennis or swimming, then comfortable and secure jewellery like diamond stud earrings and a tennis bracelet (with its safety catch) are necessary. These are also the sort of items that she will wear on the beach – but maybe she will add something with a bit more sparkle to catch the sunlight – like diamond and pear or gem set earrings with sapphires and diamonds.

Clever women do not follow fads when collecting expensive items of jewellery, but wear pieces fashioned in materials follows like gold, diamonds and sapphires which have timeless designs and are a sound investment. A huge range less expensive but trendy cocktail jewellery is what she needs to keep up with current fashions.

Unusual settings will create designs with a difference, and sparkling gemstones in unusual combinations with semi-precious stones like rubies will give her jewellery a futuristic look. A lot of smaller diamond pieces can be worn on any occasion with any outfit.

The list goes on and on … by now I am sure you will see that a woman always needs another piece of jewellery … and you cannot go wrong by giving it as a present.

Gary Ingram is the Managing Director of The Diamond, one of the UK’s largest online jewellery retailers which sells Diamond Rings through to cufflinks.

Clean Diamond Semi
Clean Diamond Semi
Clean Diamond Semi

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