Created Diamond Wedding

Created Diamond Wedding
Is a lab created diamond okay for engagement/wedding ring(s)?

We have a great relationship, just not alot of money.

It’s fine. Just make sure it’s in a real gold setting.
And don’t get one that’s 7 carats. It’s not believeable when you’re poor. :) And don’t tell anyone.

Why is it that people freak over a lab diamond? We don’t seem to question about a lad ruby or sapphire. And this thing about them not being good enough to become engaged with. Geez-oh-pete. It’s the commitment NOT the ring! There are some people who get engaged and even married without a ring. Does that make their relationship less??? I think NOT.

To keep it clean, put some rubbing alcohol in a pill bottle, put the ring inside, give it a few shakes. When all the yuck settles to the bottom, rinse the ring with cool water. It WILL sparkle. I have a coupel CZ cocktail rings. No one has ever asked if they’re real. And being a wedding minister, I’m sure they wonder. I let them. :)

Here’s a couple VERY reputable places.

Created Diamond Wedding
Created Diamond Wedding
Created Diamond Wedding

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