Crystal Abacus Faceted

Crystal Abacus Faceted

  1. Display a crystal globe or a gem globe in the NE of your study desk to activate the luck of knowledge into your life. Remember to twirl it 3-8 times a day in a clock-wise direction.
  2. Carry a piece of natural crystal with you to strengthen your natural study abilities. Soak the piece of crystal in a natural salt solution for 7 days and 7 nights before use to rid it of stale or unknown energies. Then, rinse it and place to dry in the morning sun. Lastly, activate the crystal in a singing bowl.
  3. Display a Chinese calligraphy set with all the brushes pointing downwards, on a rack behind you where you sit, to maximise your chances of success.
  4. Place a Wen Chang Pagoda in the upper right hand corner of your study desk to ask for the luck of higher education or tertiary studies.
  5. Place a figurine of Double Carps jumping over the Dragon Gate or an image or figurine of a Dragon Fish next to your bedroom door to signify that you are the carp, waiting to metamorphosis into a dragon whenever you enter or leave the room.
  6. Display the 3 Carps holding a crystal Globe of the World in the NE corner of your bedroom, study room or living room to bring excellent study luck to everyone in your home.
  7. Display a natural Crystal Cluster of a regular shape on the right-hand side of your desk to bring literary luck. Shine a bright light on to the crystal to activate it.
  8. You can also display an Amethyst Gem Tree or wear an Amethyst pendant, necklace or bracelet on or next to you at your work place to enhance your thinking process. Other helpful crystal bracelets are tiger-eye for guys to wear on their right wrists and chalcedony for girls to wear on their left wrists.
  9. Grow a green leafy plant in the study room or living area to promote good health or to enhance your concentration.
  10. Activate for mentor luck in the NW corner of your study room or living room by hanging a 6-rod all metal wind chimes. Mentors can include good teachers or helpful people who will enhance your learning capabilities.
  11. Do not sit with the toilet door directly in front of you or behind you as this causes problems like confrontations and jealousy with classmates or colleagues.
  12. Always sit facing one of your auspicious directions. Your first choice of directions should be your sheng chi to bring you success luck or your fu wei to activate your personal growth luck.
  13. Check out the flying stars chart of your house and locate your study room where the # 1 White Star or the # 4 Green Star are, to maximise harnessing of your academic luck.
  14. Use three I-Ching coins tied together with a red or gold string as a book mark to bring good luck.
  15. Get support for your study efforts by sitting with your back to a solid wall that is not housing a toilet behind.
  16. The NE is the sector for Education Luck, so do not locate toilets or store rooms or kitchens where the north-east of your home is. Otherwise, it will symbolically ‘flush away’, ‘lock-up’ or ‘burn away’ all the education luck of your home.
  17. Perform space clearing in your study or your entire home, with the singing bowl on a regular basis to keep the energy fresh and conducive for studying. Even if you do not have the time, we would advise you to do so at least once a week.
  18. Never place toy weapons or sharp items on your study table as this brings grave discord and disharmony to the study environment.
  19. Hang up a large map of the world on the north-east wall of your study room to bring the knowledge of the world to those occupying the room.
  20. Display an abacus on your study desk or carry an abacus with brush keychain to improve mathematical talent.
  21. If you have a window or windows in the north-east of your room, hang several facetted crystal balls at the window to catch the sunlight and create many auspicious rays of colour streaming into the room. This brings in lots of yang energy that would enhance education luck in the home.
  22. If you have no choice but to sit with your back to a window, keep the drapes closed or hang a painting or print of a mountain (with no water) behind you to bring support. Never hang a mountain print or painting in front of you as it represents insurmountable obstacles in your path.
  23. Be wary of open bookshelves in the study room as these act as blades cutting into you. It is always best in feng shui to have cupboard doors to close up and hide the shelves as they act as poison arrows.
  24. Check the yearly afflictions which change directions each year. Do not sit confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter and do not sit with your back to the Three Killings directions. Doing so will bring misfortune, mishaps and plenty of obstacles to whatever you do.
  25. Ensure that you do not sit under a horizontal overhead beam or sit facing the sharp edge of a vertical beam. It is very unlucky to do so. Rearrange your desk, chair or bed if you can. If not, at least hang a pair of flutes or a faceted crystal ball to diffuse the bad energy.

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Crystal Abacus Faceted
Crystal Abacus Faceted
Crystal Abacus Faceted

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