Crystal American Flag

Crystal American Flag

It has been over sixty-five years since Americans have been called upon to make personal sacrifices to support a war effort. It might appear that Americans since then have not assisted in the ensuing wars, but that is not true.

In World War II, women fought the battle at home working in factories and shipyards building the weapons of war. Women and housewives met to exchange ration cards while their boyfriends and husbands went off to war. Actors and entertainers were involved in fund raising drives to sell War Bonds. The war effort was nationwide and massive.

Can we say that today in view of the Iraq war? The answer is both yes and no. There are no Government mandates and regulations, no War Bonds, no shortages in the workforce for military material and no air-raid drills. Based on these facts, the answer is no.

However the paradigm has shifted from supporting the war effort to supporting the troops. With this shift the answer is yes. Millions of Americans are quietly and unobtrusively supporting our troops in a wide variety of actions. They quietly go about helping the troops in any small way that they can. School children raise funds to make personal care packages to send to the troops in Iraq. American manufacturers, spurred on by their employees, donate products to the troops. Small groups and companies raise money to buy and send phone cards so troops can call home. Individuals donate to various military charities and attend Freedom Concerts. The list is endless.

However, there is one more company to add to the list. Crystal Crossroads, an internet retailer of crystal figurines, will donate all of the profit from the sale of the Fallen Hero Figurine to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund. This charity was established by LtCol. Oliver North (USMC) Ret. to provide scholarships for the children who had a parent killed or totally disabled in the line of duty.

The Fallen Hero Figurine was designed and produced by an American company located in Eastern Pennsylvania as a memorial to our fallen heroes. The figurine is simplistic in design, yet an emotionally moving piece. It is made with genuine Swarovski Austrian crystal. The proceeds from the sale of the Fallen Hero Figurine will be sent monthly to the Freedom Alliance along with the names of the purchasers. The list of the silent patriots will continue to grow.

It’s amazing how many ways Americans support a war effort by supporting the troops. And now there is a crystal figurine that supports our troops.

Lowry Mell is a retired Merchandiser and former Management and Business Consultant. His articles focus of new and creative ways to use and display crystal and crystal figurines. For more information the Fallen Hero Figurine, visit:

Crystal American Flag
Crystal American Flag
Crystal American Flag

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