Crystal Anklet

Crystal Anklet

Ever since the dawn of civilization, men and women have taken to the use of body jewelry as a means of expression. To some cultures, body jewelry was symbolic of religion. To others, the volume of the jewelry worn represented wealth and social status. All throughout human history, body jewelry has retained its significance. And at the early part of the 21st century, body jewelry has taken its own niche in the fashion industry. Read on to find the Top 10 Body Jewelry, which would make fine jewelry gift ideas for Christmas 2008.

1. Multicolor Swarovski Crystal Anklet – This fashionable piece features .925 Sterling Silver metalwork. It is accented by seven crystals of varied colors.

2. 14K Draped Bead Anklet – From the creative minds of JewelryWeb comes this fabulous 14K Draped Bead Ankle Bracelet. She can pair this up with a Venus-cut dress or a flowing maxi dress to complete an exotic look.

3. Tri-Color Heart Anklet – Show her how much you love her with this 14K heart anklet. This piece features tiny hearts lined up in 10 inches of tri-color gold.

4. White Gold Diamond Hoop Belly Ring – This piece from Body Candy features two 14K white gold hoops, which then adjoined by a genuine diamond gemstone in the middle.

5. Belly Chain – Belly chains are mostly used for their eye-catching effect. They manage to bring attention to those sexy abs and can effortlessly bring about an aura of mystery and allure. This piece from the ShalinCraft collection comes in pure sterling silver and is carefully handcrafted in Japur, Rajasthan. The maximum length is at 32 inches.

6. Gold 3-Heart Anklet – Who says that hearts are worn on the sleeves alone? This latest addition from Element Jewelry & Accessories features a 14K Yellow gold anklet, with a heart suspended at the center. Each order comes with gift box.

7. Diamond Toe Ring – Add some glitter to her toes. From Body Candy comes this toe ring made from 14 white gold and adorned with a genuine .02 Carat diamond. Each ring is adjustable to fit.

8. Butterfly Toe Ring – Make her feel made up from head to toe with this 10KT White Gold toe ring. Its beautiful detailed design of two butterflies can get her attention from the head down.

9. Moon and Star Belly Ring – She will undoubtedly shine in this perfect ensemble from the Pierce This 2 Collection. This piece is made of a 316L surgical steel helix made of quality materials. A pair of blue zicron gemstones are nestled at the heads of the threaded balls.

10. Turquoise Belly Ring – Bring out the gypsy in her in this eclectic piece from Pierce This 2. This piece is made of sterling silver and stainless steel material. Its uniqueness of design is owing partly to the sterling silver chain that connects to one side of the dimple ball and to the front of the main attraction: the turquoise centerpiece set in .925 sterling silver framing.

Go ahead and use our list for the easiest and convenient holiday shopping.

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Crystal Anklet
Crystal Anklet
Crystal Anklet

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