Crystal Aurora Borealis

Crystal Aurora Borealis
Can anyone help me find Bella’s Bracelet? (how i imagined it)?

I have been looking for Bella’s bracelet from twilight for a while now. It has a wooden wolf charm representing Jacob and a crystal heart representing Edward. I am looking for a 3D wooden carved Jacob and a Swarovski Aurora Borealis Crystal heart (meaning when light hits it, it reflects different colours).
This is the heart I am looking for:

and this is the wolf I am looking for:

If anyone knows where I can find a bracelet with both the things I am looking for, it would be greatly appreciated! Max points for best answer :)
I know its being fussy, but that is how I imagined the bracelet and would love to own it! :)

ok well im not sure u can find that EXACT bracelet. but u CAN find the bracelet and the charms seperate and then attach them yourself. so…i am SURE you can find the heart at any jewlery store. or even in the jelwery section at target! and the wolf u might be able to find at a country/ western store. and u can find just the plain bracelet at wal mart or target!!!
i hope i helped!

Crystal Aurora Borealis
Crystal Aurora Borealis
Crystal Aurora Borealis

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