Crystal Aventurine

Crystal Aventurine
To those in crystal metaphysics, can quartz amplify the energy of several different types of crystals at once?

I carry a bag with a combination of Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Aventurine to help attract money into my space. It’s my understanding that Clear Quartz works as an amplifier for other crystals. Can Clear Quartz amplify the combined energy of these crystals, or is it best to pair Clear Quartz with only one type of crystal at a time?
It was suggested for me to use Rose Quartz for self love, to love my self enough to feel deserving of abundance; Citrine to protect the abundance that is in my possession; and Aventurine to attract financial abundance.
Where can I find information on how to properly mix and match crystals? From what I’m hearing, appearently not all stones get along with each other, and some better than others.

Sometimes if you mix different types of Crystals they actually counter react and to energize the Crystals they have to be cleansed in water and left in the sun to recharge

Love & Blessings

Crystal Aventurine
Crystal Aventurine
Crystal Aventurine

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