Crystal Bali Sterling

Crystal Bali Sterling

Adorning the body with precious jewels and minerals, keepsakes, and delicate reminders of special occasions, has been in practice for thousands of years. A pearl necklace for a young girl coming of age, your sweetheart’s school ring threaded on a chain, a diamond engagement ring or platinum anniversary bracelet all signify an important occasion to be remembered with love and appreciation. The birth of your child is one of those most momentous occasions in your life for which mother’s jewelry with matching baby accents are sincere and heartfelt.

The naming of your child is a singular event. Personalized baby jewelry, adorable and precious, can also be quite practical. The hospital bracelet can now be replaced with personalized pearl bracelets of high quality in delicate peach pink fresh water pearls with matching mother’s bracelet. The sterling silver alphabet beads are smooth and mother’s bracelet has an adorable little sterling silver heart charm dangling from the fastener.

Grandmothers and mothers alike are celebrated and cherished with gifts of gold triple-stranded hand-matched name bracelets. A particularly gorgeous one is fashioned from champagne hued fresh water pearls matched with topaz colored Swarovski crystals, 14k gold beads, and accented with gold vermeil beads from Bali encompassing the sterling silver rounded letter beads spelling the names of your children.

Jewelry for father’s is specially crafted to coordinate with baby jewelry for mother. Daddy and Mommy silver and gold tag bracelets, pendants and key chains celebrate the birth of your child. Wearing the name of your child close to your heart signifies the importance of this precious new born in your life. At the birth of each child, tags engraved with your baby’s initial, name and date of birth can be added to the family group.

Personalized baby jewelry comes in charming silver and gold engraved charms on delicate chains. Necklaces can be enhanced with exquisite mini Swarovski crystal birthstones. The all time classic baby jewelry is the engraved heart locket with pictures of your loved one or engraved sterling silver bangles. A particularly lovely one is a slender cuff with a hand crafted Swan clasp and a bead etched with either a dragon fly or leopard print.

Treasured and passed on, personalized baby jewelry become heirlooms. Monogram necklaces are created as elegant pieces of jewelry in gold and silver with adjustable chains to be worn at any age. For the very special occasion gift, gold and diamond initial necklaces, also with adjustable chains, speak volumes of how deeply you care. Let us not forget baby’s shoes. Enchanting necklaces made from 14k white gold with diamond studded toes surrounded by a heart encased in diamonds immortalize baby’s first pair of shoes in mother’s jewelry.

Whether a simple silver heart, a multi-stranded joyously beaded name bangle, or a gorgeous diamond and gold necklace, mother’s jewelry demonstrates her importance in your life and how deeply you cherish the mother of your child. Baby jewelry is a token of the love and the delight that the future holds for the entire family.

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Crystal Bali Sterling
Crystal Bali Sterling
Crystal Bali Sterling

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