Crystal Bangle Bracelet

Crystal Bangle Bracelet
how can i make a lucite bangle bracelet?

I have a lot of swavorski crystals with coned backs. These could be glued into a bangle bracelet, if I had a mold.

I hope I have explained this idea correctly.

I am unable to find how to make or buy a bangle bracelet mold or bangle with indentions to place these crystals.

Any ideas?

WOW! That is a hard one! I think I know exactly what you want, but as for where to find it. . . Do you have anywhere locally that teaches jewellry making? Maybe the teacher would have ideas or resources. Or, instead of lucite, try resin?
This site has different ideas ~ I wonder if you could use special clay to fashion a bracelet?,,HGTV_3238_1384157,00.html

(and this last one is just so you know you’re not alone!)

Good luck!

Crystal Bangle Bracelet
Crystal Bangle Bracelet
Crystal Bangle Bracelet

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